Best Blackrolls Test 2020

The training with Blackroll belongs to the functional fitness and is also established in manual therapy. Blackroll allows personal flexibility, mobility and strength with simple exercises to improve and fits all people of all ages. Expert Testing has identified and compared the best blackrolls.

Fitness and sports equipment is available in great variety, but also enjoy more and more massagers, which complement their own training either, the relaxation of muscle and connective tissue serve, stimulate blood circulation and metabolism and also be used for pure relaxation . Wellness and physical activity can be optimally implemented at home precisely because of the wide range of equipment. The massager can also be an excellent remedy for tension and back pain.

Many providers promise true miracles to bring the latest products to the man. They refer to massages against cellulite, against aging, to improve health. Their devices are intended to mimic well-known and proven techniques and allow self-treatment . Here it is important to distinguish which products in other areas, such. B. in physiotherapy, have proven, because of course, massager is not equal massager. Especially when it comes to tension and pain, the massager should work effectively. Such painful physical processes depend on many factors that need to be eliminated in addition to a massage, z. B. a very hectic everyday life.

5 best Blackroll 2020

The body responds to any kind of stress. It is important to release tension , to remove hardening, to relax the muscles as a whole. Suitable for this are training measures and massage techniques, which can also take place optimally in your own home as a self-massage. The massage ball or the fascia roll are just some of the devices that are helpful in this case, whereby the effectiveness has also been confirmed medically. As a fascial role is just the black roll one of the important massage elements, which is used specifically for the relaxation and loosening of the connective tissue.

Whatever is related to what fascia is, what fascination training is, what the black roll is and can be, where it is used and what should be considered when buying a black roll, our black roll test 2020 will describe in detail.

Muscle aches

Muscle problems have different effects and multiple causes. Behind it can hide triggers that can have both a serious or even quite harmless reason. These are manifested as muscle aches, spasms, or even muscle weaknesses diagnosed by a doctor, which can be remedied by various applications. Muscle pain usually arises in case of an overload or injury in this area. These can be bruises or torn ligaments , hardening in the muscle areas or a simple sore muscles. The connection between pain and the triggering event is usually temporally limited.

Other conditions include nerve damage or circulatory disorders. Also in the context of diabetes muscle problems may occur or with simple vitamin deficiency. The pain manifests itself not only in convulsion, but also in numbness or in a tingling of the respective areas.

Constrictions in turn usually arise from a lack of blood salts, e.g. As magnesium, sodium or potassium. The deficiency upsets the electrolyte balance. The same happens due to lack of water, salt and fluid loss in the gastrointestinal tract or excessive sweating, z. B. in very intense sports. Muscle weakness, in turn, effects in low-exercise, z. B. by physical problem or illness-related circumstances. Musculature recedes, is not sufficiently rebuilt, or the tissue of the fascia is glued and is no longer elastic enough for adequate movement.

Other categories in the leisure sector

Every pain is caused by receptors that sit in the individual muscle cells and relay the signals. As soon as pain occurs, the affected person tries to take a restraint, but often only revered or encouraged the complaints. The movement restriction is favored by more and more hardening.

All of this can be handled by different methods . In addition to pain therapy, other methods as an effective means, including acupuncture and acupressure, a change in diet, the fasting or manual actions such. B. the massage. For pain relief by massage, there are the different procedures, including chiropractic, osteopathy, Shiatsu or Rolfing. In addition, yoga or using the Blackroll help.

Massage and massage techniques

All forms of massage are usually associated with the restoration of well-being and the reduction or elimination of painful conditions. The massage belongs to traditional Chinese medicine, which takes into account both the physical and mental conditions during the treatment. The forms of the massage are versatile, are roughly divided into relaxation and Manuel massages . One of the most important elements is the life energy flowing through the human body, which is called "Qi" and the inner harmony allows the mind and body to be in balance accordingly. If this is present, the person is healthy, the life energy is interrupted or blocked, this must be solved by massage techniques. With the life energy all organs are connected. These compounds are called meridians , with every point in the body reaching an organ. As soon as disturbances occur here, illnesses and painful complaints arise. These can be remedied by pressure and point massage.

One of the best known forms of massage is shiatsu. This body therapy application has been mastered in Japan, connecting body and mind with energetic connections. By applying pressure with the hand or the finger, blockages in the body should be solved. The Shiatsu is especially for a quick relaxation, is therefore not only in the spa a common form of massage, but also a role model for the application of various massagers, including the Blackroll. What the massage therapist does with his own body weight in terms of pressure and massage movement also mimics the fascial role with its hard structure.

Another form of massage is acupressure. Here also pressure is exerted on certain parts of the body, whereby apart from the dissolution of the pain also a higher release of endorphins takes place, which in turn activates the self-healing powers. Acupressure belongs to the field of tunia massage, also uses the life energy "qi" to stimulate certain points to let the "qi" flow again. Not only physical ailments are the problem here, but the inner balance is disturbed by many mental factors, including stress, emotions such as anger or sadness, exhaustion and fatigue are triggers. Often plays your own lifestyle important role, whether man is healthy or struggling with physical discomfort. The acupressure is based on two important forms of massage, which consist of the spreading of body parts or uses compression. These massage treatments can also be implemented with a fascia roller and the black roll.

What are fascia?

Fascia are soft tissue elements that span the entire connective tissue. These are very fine and also tough sheaths, which are like a protective coat around the individual muscle strands . Fascia is the separating element that separates muscle from muscle.

All fascia form a connecting network throughout the organism . This not only affects the muscles, but also tendons, joints, bones, joint capsules and similar structures. These include not only muscles surrounded by fascia, but also every nerve. The fascial tissue is the fiber network which, in addition to the red muscle meat, has an impact on the physical requirements. In case of overload damage due to sports or illness, especially the fascia are affected, also with too little movement, whereby the muscles then harden. Fascia also forms on the joints, are generally very elastic. This manifests itself in a weight gain, in which the fascia also body fat to save.

In addition to the body shape through fascia, these are also responsible for the transport of fluid in the lymph. Muscle movement transports poisonous and decomposing substances out of the cells, and building materials are then fed to the cells. As soon as the muscles become hardened or tense, the fasciae begin to stick together and change their structure.

The elasticity decreases, the liquid transport is influenced and jammed. A blood clotting factor dissolved in the lymph called "fibrinogen" becomes a non-dissolvable fibrin in tension, producing substances that cause pain.

The entire connective tissue is superimposed as a network of nerve fibers , with the fasciae forming an outpost in the nerve endings. The nervous system regulates all vital processes in the body, while humans have no conscious influence on them. Organs, breathing, building muscles and bones are some of the functions over the nerves. If the fasciae are stuck together, this can also have effects on the nervous system.

Here it is important that the stressed body is relaxed. The entire basic tension is based on the fascia, which in turn influences the movement of man. Stress, hecticness, overuse or too little exercise, as well as a wrong posture, cause pain, whereby the fasciae can not only stick together but also shorten. There is a restructuring of the areas instead, the extensibility of the fascia decreases, the scope of the muscles in their movement and regeneration is limited.

Since the generation of force and movement is related to the fascia , they must be mobilized again. If the bonding and shortening of the fascia has progressed far, normal gymnastics does not help anymore. Alone a massage and a fascia training are useful here, where the black roll is one of the most effective massagers and with various exercises used to gradually solve the pain.

What is a blackroll?

The Blackroll serves  and is an excellent massager for self-treatment. Once adhesions are present in the fascia, they must be removed. A simple rolling motion by a foam roller provides her the opportunity to interact directly through self-massage on the fascia, the Blackroll is the oldest model on the market and consists of plastic foam, which is very hard.

The shape is cylindrical with a smooth surface, with the roller and center having a hole. The evolution of the classic model has produced a variety of new manifestations, including rollers with rounded knobs or grooves. While the black roll is mainly used to release tension through pressure massage , other variants can achieve an additional effect of different massage forms through the structural surface .

If you imagine the entire connective tissue like an imaginary cake dough , it is understandable that this must be needed properly to be supple. The connective tissue is subject to the same conditions in this regard.

Smoothness and solution of bonded fascia is possible through a very intense massage, especially through the use of a Blackroll, the black roll here is the original, therefore basically a registered brand massager, with the exercises and a self-massage can be implemented. It was also designed especially for competitive athletes, since it is precisely the muscle and connective tissue that can be excellently processed.

The original Blackroll is 30 centimeters long, has a diameter of 15 centimeters, weighs about 120 grams and can be used on almost any body area . It is suitable for a maximum weight of 150 kilograms.

Blackroll found first in the sports, physiotherapy and medical field, a first and effective application until the German company "Blackroll" brought the first plastic foam roller for home use on the market. This is made of hardened polypropylene, is of very light weight despite its hard structure, but then in the application also particularly durable.

The Blackroll is, according to its name, in black color, it can show different surface structures and colors in different models. The original Blackroll is smooth and very simple in appearance, but has a great effect. Muscle tension, hardening, so-called trigger points, pain or a simple sore muscles can be resolved with the Blackroll. The black roll can also be used to relax, to regenerate the muscles or to warm-up, since the use of the black roll also generates heat in addition to loosening up.

How does a black roll work?

As long as one is young, the elasticity and structure of the connective tissue are well preserved and function optimally. As you get older, the movement becomes different, can be more affected by a wrong posture or one-sided load, and then the mesh of the fascia becomes glued and matted. With these restrictions , the range of movement becomes more and more restricted, with the result that pain in the musculature arises.

Also in competitive sports and similar areas there are performance-enhancing supplements. In addition to endurance and weight training, a regular fascia training enriches the training program, relaxes the strained muscles and helps to regenerate the muscles. The Blackroll serves this training and works on the principle of an active regeneration of all muscles. Here, the blood flow is promoted, while the pressure and relaxation bonds are dissolved in the fascia, while the muscles are processed by rolling across the hard surface structure of the Black Roll.

With the regular use of the Blackroll muscles and connective tissue are elastic again, even more resistant. Through its own activity and rolling over the black roll, the regeneration capacity of the muscles is increased, which is why the role is not only used for pain therapy and relaxation, but is also an optimal warm-up device before exercise.

The black roll is used in a lying or standing position, with the roll being used on a mat or leaning against a wall. Different parts of the body are processed directly. Exercises help to get the right posture and apply the black roll at the point you want to work on. This can take place on the back, on the neck, on the shoulders, arms, legs, on the buttocks or on the feet.

The most important method of fascia treatment - Rolfing

In connection with the Blackroll is the "Rolfing". This method was invented in the fifties by Ida Rolf. This is an application that acts directly on the connective tissue and fascia network .

Ida Rolf was a biochemist and hypothesized that a body would spend less energy straightening up as soon as individual sections form the ideal of a vertical line. .For them, the connective tissue and the fascia played the crucial role for the entire posture. She was one of the first scientists to realize that not only the muscles but also the fasciael have an effect on posture and, as a result of bad postures , injuries or lack of movement, change their structure and thus restrict the entire movement.

The "Rolfing" thus addresses these conditions and thus represents a treatment that aims to realign the body in its gravity. Here are pressure and massage hardening resolved, with the masseur palms, ankles, fingers and elbow uses a Blackroll however, these movements through a tough structure and the rolling process mimics and achieved the same route.

"Rolfing" should serve in regular health care applications , optimize posture and improve mobility. The treatment by a black roll can then also be used optimally against back pain or just stimulate the blood circulation . The discovery by Ina Rolf brought in this regard new findings that have already been successful in many people with chronic back pain .

Applications and intended use for the Blackroll

In all black roll applications, one's own body weight is used to accomplish the rolling motion over a hard surface texture . In the foreground is the solution of the glued fascia, which has an influence on the entire posture and body movement . In addition, the massage with the Blackroll is an ideal warm-up and relaxation method.


Especially physical activity requires the body in a special form. The muscles are stressed, the circulation is stimulated, the metabolism is stimulated. When the training is over, the muscles must be able to regenerate. Those who do not regularly exercise or re-engage in physical activity will struggle with muscle soreness after training. This happens when the muscles are over-stressed and overloaded, so that the physical activity as a stimulus could not be processed fast enough. If there is pain the next day, they can be resolved with the Blackroll .

Generally, the black roll serves the process of muscle regeneration. This means that she can stimulate the blood circulation directly after a workout and directs the stressed muscles through massage into the resting phase. Muscles only grow during regeneration, not during exercise. It is important to relax sufficiently after a long workout . This prevents the sore muscles.

Therefore, the variety in strength and endurance sports is important, a sufficient period of regeneration, combined with massage techniques. Monotonous training, on the other hand, causes the body to no longer build new muscles, as it has become accustomed to the activity. On the other hand, stimuli must be exerted on the body and musculature that induce the organism to adapt it to this stimulus and the strain of the body. Also, the Blackroll can effectively affect the muscles, helping to regenerate them.

Before each workout, it is advisable to warm up sufficiently to prepare the muscles for the strain. Also for the black roll is ideal. The rolling movement of the fascial role causes an increase in blood flow and an elongation and the associated suppleness of the muscles. This method is as effective as simple jumping rope, so many athletes now use an extra black roll to prepare for the training program. In particular, the competitive sport requires a sufficient warm-up and sustained muscle relaxation. With the very hard black roll, the muscles can be optimally processed here.

Massage and relaxation

The Blackroll is available in different versions and degrees of hardness. While the very hard surface is used in competitive sports and people who are less sensitive to pain , a little more flexible fascia rollers can greatly facilitate the massage. As a black roll with a larger hole in the middle and softer material through which the surface easily yields during the rolling motion. Even with an additional structure on the surface, the fascia and muscle parts are loosened up. The application is mainly used for single body parts, including the back, neck, shoulder and leg area, which then again focused on the acupressure and dull pressure massage.

Depending on where the massage is to take place, the black roll is positioned in a lying or standing posture, so that the effect can be done accurately and therefore imitates the Shiatsu method . The neck can be worked by rolling on the neck, whereby the relaxation begins quickly.

The calves and thighs, the side of the body, the back and the shoulders are massaged when the black roll is applied to the respective position of the body. The grooved or knobbed structure can then heat and massage the skin itself. Similarly, painful problem areas can be addressed directly, with the structure then mimicking the hand or finger movement of the masseur.

The massage can be accompanied by an atmospheric atmosphere, e.g. B. by pleasant and calming music. Also, essential oils can be used, for. As lemon or peppermint oil to accompany the massage then with an aromatherapy. This application is especially relaxing after a hectic everyday life, helps to switch off and also brings something positive for the muscles, blood circulation and body sensation.

Pain treatment

As soon as pain greatly reduces the freedom of movement , the Blackroll is a particularly effective measure to combat the complaints. The rolling motion with a very hard and smooth surface takes place precisely on the aching body part. As the muscles are surrounded by fascia, the pain is usually caused by shortened or adhesively bonded fascia, which does not have to be released by itself, as it changes from a slightly fluid state to a hardened, collagenous one. This happens especially when the fasciae are too little or overstressed.

In addition, in pain , the person automatically assumes a posture that accelerates and promotes the process. A hectic and stressful everyday life can be just as trigger for pain in the musculature as an overload or simple sedentary lifestyle. As soon as the black roll is used under the back , the fasciae are released and elasticized with regular use. The direct effect liquefies the solidified state and the musculature dissolves in the whole.

Depending on how much the adhesion and hardening in the muscles and fascia has progressed, the treatment at the beginning is not always pleasant. Due to the hard surface structure, the treatment with the Blackroll can even be painful at first. Here then breaks should be inserted or resorted to a softer role. Nevertheless, the pain will stop, especially if the massage then takes place regularly or enriched by alternating exercises . ,

The "Rolfing" and the application of the Blackroll promote the healing process and ensure a return of the fascia from a hardened state to a healthy elastic state. Many problems and back problems are due to sticky fascia, where rolling the fascia roll loosens the connective tissue that restores movement.

What types of Blackroll are there?

Classic Blackroll - black and with a hard surface

This model is the standard roll in black, with a high degree of hardness . The length of the fascia roll is 30 centimeters, the diameter 15 centimeters. The classic black roll has a hole in the middle, is very versatile in use and can serve the smooth surface of both the massage and the fascia treatment . In addition, the muscles are relaxed, pain in the back and neck area are solved or warmed up the muscles for a subsequent workout. The classic black roll is for advanced players. People with very severe pain or chronic back painshould first resort to softer models.

Blackroll Medium

Proven models include the Blackroll Medium. This is a slightly softer version. The massage roller is an orange colored blackroll with a medium degree of hardness. This model is particularly suitable for beginners or if the pain in the back and neck area are too high, so that a hard role here would be particularly unpleasant. Even with injuries or muscle weakness, the softer version is better suited, can also be used for pure relaxation massage. The soft material allows for a maximum weight of 60 kilograms, the massage is gentle and less painful than with the classic black roll.

Blackroll Pro - the extremely hard variant

The opposite is the Blackroll with a particularly high degree of hardness. This has no hole in the middle and exerts great pressure on the entire connective tissue. The use allows particularly intensive and profound massage techniques. Even athletes whose muscles are exposed to high loads and therefore less sensitive to pain , are, for. For example, if you are well-advised to use Blackroll Pro, you can optimally prepare yourself for strength and endurance training so that you can also intensively train your body to stimulate muscle growth or reduce body fat.

Blackroll with structure

Some deviating models are provided in addition to the cylindrical shape with a textured surface , which may consist of grooves, knobs or spikes and provides an additional massage effect. Here, the skin is irritated and warms up during use, while at the same time the normal fascia treatment can take place. The roles differ in weight and size not from the original, only from the surface structure. There are some rolls that vary slightly in length, eg. B. can be up to 45 inches long. The treatment with the structural black roll approaches more of the acupressure, can cause a very precise and targeted massage. The surface structure also serves for this purpose Relaxation massage,as it not only promotes calm sleep, but also releases happiness hormones. These are called endorphins and are formed in the brain. There they influence the transmission of electrical signals to the respective surrounding nerve pathways and cause a decongesting and pain-relieving sensation. This in turn generally promotes the self-healing process and prevents inflammation.

Blackroll as a trigger point ball

The black ball as a trigger point ball is the round shape of the black roll, resembles a sports or tennis ball and has both a high degree of hardness as well as the necessary uniform surface. The Blackroll Ballcan be placed directly on the spot and make a precise massage possible, which is used in the trigger point therapy . Some painful areas have a direct influence on pain perception and movement. If they are massaged, indurations or smaller nodes can be resolved. The massage ball is relatively heavy in weight and can therefore special body parts and trigger pointsto edit. This is done by pressure on the muscles and releases the tension. With the Blackroll Ball, all hard-to-reach points can be worked on, including hand and foot massages. The advantage of the treatment is that it does not require any help by the user himself.

Blackroll as a double ball

The Blackroll Duoball, on the other hand, allows a slightly larger massage, consisting of two balls connected in the middle. This massage ball is used especially for back and spine complaints, can be used lying or standing. Through the two-ball system, this model approaches the normal fascia role again , and can accordingly also dissolve fascia. Also, a very pleasant neck massage is possible because the shape of the Black Roll Duoball fits perfectly on the neck.

The Blackroll Test 2018 - according to these criteria, we have tested the individual models in detail for you

For our Blackroll test we tested different models, massaging the desired muscle parts and implementing different exercises with the Blackroll. We have made a selection of different branded products , tested the price performance ratio, different degrees of hardness and designs. The black roll was rolled over the muscle or the body by our testers , served different coordination exercises and could act on the muscles. We were able to adequately test the Blackroll in different models by repeating the exercises, the models but also to processing the material, the weight and the handling checked out. From these criteria we could choose some better models.

Workmanship and material

The models showed a different quality, the hard and foam materials did not always meet our requirements. The meaning of the Blackroll is a rather hard surface, which should then be smooth and comfortable on the neck or back. The practice test then allowed a balanced roll, while a few models through the processing rather restricted the roles. We also tested the composition of the materials for our Blackroll Test 2020 . The Blackroll should serve comfortably as a neck support, then do not slip in the application.


For our test, we have taken into account the hardness of the role on the use . Accordingly, we have not preferred the hard variants to the softer, but rather tested models based on the degree of hardness.

Hard surfaces should be unyielding, allow for intense massage , soft surfaces should yield slightly when rolling out, causing less pain.

Weight and length

The weight of the black roll also played a role. Our test showed that the models were very light, so while they could be easily transported, they did not always provide enough resistance to withstand a more intense massage . In contrast, particularly high-quality fascia rolls were able to meet the requirements despite a light weight, with a hard surface .

What should I look for when buying a black roll?

As with all massagers, the purchase of a black roll depends on your own taste and the way you use it. The black roll of any design should serve for the time being the massage and fascia processing, but can also be used in many ways. This even leads to such an extent that the Blackroll as a simple neck pillow is used, the material must then be pleasant. Manufacturers offer the Blackroll in different lengths, degrees of hardness and surface structures . It is also a chic design not to despise, with some branded products look particularly appealing. Ultimately, however, the benefits of the Blackroll are of greater importance. The treatment and massage must be effective.

Length of the roll

The sizes of the massage rollers are between very small versions up to 30 to 45 centimeters long models. The small black roll is about 15 inches long, smaller in diameter. It is less of a full body massage than the direct treatment of certain areas, such. On the arms, feet, neck, hands, calves or shoulders. Due to the size of the role of these games are better accessible, but also meet the big models here their purpose. Here are then added certain exercises that z. B. make a calf massage possible.


The degree of hardness is important for use and can be selected based on the pain treatment or tendency to relax . Hard specimens make the therapy a little more painful at the beginning, but are also particularly effective in the massage, so that painful areas can be resolved faster. Softer models, on the other hand, are a bit smoother in the material and allow a pleasant rest on the black roll. They then cause less pain when applied, but also reach the fascia and slowly dissolve the adhesions .


The material determines the smoothness of the surface, the comfort, the feeling of touch and the weight. Most models are made of good hard plastic, others made of high quality foam. The surface should feel firm, the material should be strong and provide enough grip. Poorer material leads to faster wear, the surface changes, the black roll can not be sufficiently applied, since the rolling is difficult.

Also, the material should emit no smell of plastic or rubber , which is a sign of inferior quality. The massage is for relaxation. A smell of rubber or plastic interferes with the exercises and massage. In addition, this material is then also of health concern. Branded products are free of chemical blowing agents and propellants, 100 percent recyclable and physiologically harmless. They are odorless, sterilizable, disinfectable and abrasion resistant. Good material also allows the Blackroll to be waterproof and easy to clean. During the massage, sweat stains and soiling are formed, which are then treated with simple detergents can be removed again without damaging the material. However, only high-quality models made of hard foam offer this.

Structure of the surface

This point is particularly important for the purchase of the Blackroll. The smooth and classic models are quite designed so that the rolling motion can reach all muscle parts and especially the fascia can be solved. This is about the direct impact on the areas. However, grooved or studded specimens are also well suited for a more versatile massage.

A nub structure can serve as acupressure massage , grooved surfaces allow more slip resistance and are pleasant to the touch even when touching the skin. Dull spikes in turn invigorate the skin, promote blood circulation and stimulate the metabolism during the massage. All variants have their advantages and should be adapted to the massage in the degree of application .

Blackroll Set

Some manufacturers also offer a black roll set, which consists of a large and small black roll . These can not only be used separately to work on individual muscle parts , but also put together and thus give a larger role of up to 60 centimeters.

Brief information on leading manufacturers

The market leader in the field of massage and fascia rolls is of course the company " Blackroll " with a wide range of different models of their fascia role, including the "Blackroll Pro", "Blackroll Groove", "Blackball Duoball" or "Blackroll Mini". Nevertheless, the Blackroll is also offered by other manufacturers, including of " Reebok ", " Casall ", " Blackroll Orange ", " Liebscher and Bracht " or " Master of Muscle " .

The original and Orange Blackroll is made by the " Dr. Paul Koch GmbH " , which offers a range for medical and therapeutic needs, including the well-known Blackroll in various designs. The founding of the company took place in 1879 and was based on the war experiences of the pharmacist Paul Koch, who watched how soldiers were treated in 1870 with primitive branches and sticks. He developed with his company first association rails.

Internet vs. Specialists: Where is the purchase of a Blackroll worthwhile?

The Blackroll and similar models are available in a wide range of retailers and on the Internet. Since the Blackroll is an original product and therefore meets certain quality requirements, the purchase can conveniently take place on the Internet. Here, the offer is particularly versatile, the selection of various products possible, including all the required dealer information and warranty claims.

In addition, the deals are usually slightly cheaper than in retailers, as online retailers have less staff and rental costs, which is reflected in the price of their products. The delivery is very fast and is mostly free. In addition, customers' opinions give an impression of how the product has proven itself in practice.

Worth knowing & advice

The history of massage techniques

Massages are a very old method of healing, because it is based on the instinctive reactions of the human being to feel the pain in the place where pain occurs. This was accomplished by pressure, swiping, orbital motion, and similar processes, resulting in targeted methods that were used medically to relieve people of painful discomfort.

Especially in China, the well-tried natural remedies have kept to this day and are also considered by conventional medicine as alternative options. To regard man as a purely structural picture of his organs and bodily functions , as mediated by conventional medicine, has in many ways not always proven itself and has necessitated methods that go back to linking emotional and bodily processes led to ensure appropriate treatment. Many ailments are not just body-related causes, but go back to deep-seated processes, with both lifestyle and the emotional aspect playing a role, so mind and body always form a unity. If the living conditions are difficult, these conditions can also be reflected as clinical pictures.

In Chinese medicine , the entire human body is divided into meridians, over which life energy flows, which is blocked by pain or illness. The treatment was performed by massage, certain hand movements and accompanying gymnastic exercises to resolve the pain.

In India , massage techniques were combined with meditation and the use of essential oils and herbs. The art of healing called itself "Ayurveda" and has also prevailed to this day. Massages were used by the Greeks, the Romans and later in the middle ages to treat pain and loosen up the muscles. The doctor Paracelsus even used massages to prepare the person for an operation or to facilitate pain relief after a procedure.

Massages also play a role in the field of homeopathy , where they represent a therapeutic supplement. Special techniques for all areas of the body were able to enrich new areas. For example, somatotopy, which attempted to segment both the nervous tissue and the location of the body parts. Here it turned out that skin stimuli had an influence on the internal organs . From these findings, directions such as the periosteum or the connective tissue massage developed.

Massages have been used by doctors in the past, with masseurs and physiotherapists taking over today . Gradually, the research and the market responded to the alternative healing methods through massage. Many massagers were presented that facilitated or simulated various methods. The simple massage ball makes it possible other applications than the Blackroll. In addition, massage chairs, reclining armchairs, neck massagers or acupressure mats are also helpful self-care products.

With the Blackroll specifically points and areas are massaged, the connective tissue is made elastic again. Forerunners were wooden rollers, which were used to relieve pain but also to improve the skin structure. With the therapy application of the Rolfings came soon also the idea to the massage role, whereby the first models were still quite poorly. Only with the ingenious model of the company "Blackroll" again a higher demand developed, in order to solve tension and to enlarge the ranges of the pain therapy.

Numbers, dates, facts about the blackroll and the fascia training

Fascia training - what is meant by that and how does it work?

With the knowledge that man has often struggling with stress damage from sports or exercise, and lack of exercise or a wrong posture, in which case less bone, muscle, intervertebral discs, joints, joint capsules and the entire cardiovascular system are affected in its structures but the area of the fascia, i.e. of the entire white collagen-like connective tissue, this is to be brought back into shape by blackroll in the form of stress stimuli.

The fascia training is one of the sports and exercise therapy training methods, which combines a combination of gymnastics, yoga, meditation and Far Eastern martial arts. With the Blackroll and the implemented exercises (see the next point "The Top 5 Exercises with the Blackroll"), the muscle connective tissue is to be loosened and strengthened in its properties by fascia training. The fibrous connective tissue elements are at the tensile load elements are adapted , fasciae are released again in their elasticity and elasticity.

This is possible by excitation of the fibroblasts, whereby the connective tissue is rebuilt and retained elastically. Here are suspensions or springy movements help, which is spoken by the catapult mechanism.

Also, the fascia and muscles are stretched, invigorated and felt. They are invigorated by training with the Blackroll, the fascia can be felt by improving one's own body perception.

Spring movements with the entire body activate fascia cross linking. Also, such positive effects are exercised on all stressed muscles . Stretching helps with yoga, whereby not only one muscle is to be gradually stretched, but several at once, eg. Back, buttocks and calves. With the Blackroll the tensions are solved by self-massage.

Body awareness is caused by sensual movements and meditation. Here the interior is listened to, the body relaxed, the head turned off. The body is strongly perceived by the fascia, so that the movements can be positively influenced by improved body awareness. This is z. For example, by sensual, introspective movements to discern blind spots.

One exercise is the stable stance with legs slightly apart. The upper body is lowered from the hip joint forward, the stomach retracted, hands placed on the thighs . It is strained on the fascial connection of the abdominal muscle. Now wavy movements are performed, flowing forward and backward movements of the shoulder blades are added. The idea of the water movement, which should empty the head, helps . It is important to observe yourself in the movement sequences .

The top 10 exercises with the Blackroll

For all exercises, they work effectively when the application is regular, and each process is performed slowly and in a focused manner. It is also important to inhale and exhale. The application of the Blackroll is very simple. It is positioned where it should work, then rolled over the desired muscle parts. In the very painful or especially tense places, the massage should take place with breaks.

This is about the use of an optimally designed device for self-massage by pure roles. The muscle tissue is made more elastic, the performance increased, glued fasciae are loosened, postural defects and stress levels are regulated. Also, the overuse of sports activities can be avoided by using a black roll, since the muscles are sufficiently prepared.

Some models allow the trigger point massage and acupressure. The application aims to increase blood circulation , boost metabolism, regenerate the muscles. Due to the dimensional stability of the black roll can not only serve the active regeneration , but also be used for strengthening exercises or balance exercises. When keeping the balance, however, a fitness mat should always be used, so that there is no risk of injury.

Blackroll on the neck

This exercise can be performed while lying down or standing up. When lying down, the neck is superficially relaxed, while standing, a rolling stimulus is exerted on the neck and neck muscles , whereby the fascia is loosened and tensions are relieved . For the exercise, the black roll is held upright against a wall surface with the neck. The black roll should lie horizontally between the neck and the wall. Stretching the head to the left and right now affects the neck. Here, the black roll does not have to be set in motion. The shape of the roller alone has the positive effect.

Blackroll on the back

For this exercise, the black roll is used in the supine position. The technique is one of the best when it comes to loosening the fascia and muscles. The Blackroll then takes over the task of the therapist or masseur in the self-treatment. As soon as the black roll is under the back, at about the level of the chest, the body is rolled over the black roll. Instantly, painful areas will be reported, with the slow repetition already noticeably reducing the pain. The thickenings in the fascia dissolve by rolling, providing the tissue with fluid.

Blackroll on the calf

To massage the calf with the black roll, is placed on the ground, the black roll positioned transversely under the calf of the leg. Both hands are supported behind the shoulder blades on the ground, the free leg serves as a support, with the buttocks is raised. Now roll the black roll evenly and slowly over the calf, moving forward and backward. Back, buttocks and abdomen are strained during the movement. It can be ensured that the body's center of gravity is not exceeded, so that the exercise has no influence on the balance. The exercise can be a bit harder by an increase, if z. B. the free leg is placed on the other, which increases the pressure of the massage.

Blackroll on the buttocks

The buttocks are massaged and trained with the Blackroll to relieve tension, strengthen the muscles. For this is set directly on the black roll, legs and arms are supported. Hands are sideways, legs slightly bent. It is important that this exercise achieves a stable relationship. The angled leg serves to move back and forth over the black roll. The hands are supporting from behind. The gluteal muscles are massaged by rolling forward and backward.

Blackroll on the shoulders

The exercise is performed while standing. For this, a wall is placed sideways, the legs are slightly bent or the position is directly from the knees. The blackroll is clamped horizontally between shoulders and wall. Now the rolling motion is started with the back. But knees are lowered, then the legs are stretched out again. The entire shoulder area is massaged so efficiently, the fasciae are released. More intensively, the exercise can be done by changing the foot distance to the wall.

Blackroll on the thighs

This exercise can be practiced both with both legs and with one leg alternately. The basic position is the sitting posture with supported legs. The black roll is positioned under the thigh while one leg is placed slightly angled on the floor. Now the black roll is moved with the thigh, the rolling movement should be done from the thigh to the knee and vice versa. The leg is changed after about 10 passes. If the exercise is performed with both legs, the hands alone will provide the supportive posture. Fascia rollers with a surface structure can achieve an additional massage effect here.

Blackroll - foot massage

For this exercise, a black roll set is optimal because it consists of a large and small fascia role. The foot massage is particularly effective and relaxing, can be designed as a reflexology massage, combined with foot baths. The support surface is of course smaller, so that a Blackroll Mini is ideal. Another alternative is the use of a massage ball. For the exercise, the foot is placed on the black roll, the other leg serves as a support. Now the rolling motion is started with the foot and the reflex zones are stimulated. This massage form also painful areas in other areas can be solved, since all parts of the body are connected to each other according to the Chinese healing method and are just in the foot points that worked directly, the energy flow through the meridians stimulate again. To massage both feet, put them on the big black roll. The exercise should be done near a wall to gain enough grip. The black roll is rolled back and forth with both feet. Optimal here is again a role with a ribbed or knobbed structure as a surface, in which case the circulation in the feet is stimulated.

Blackroll in the side position

For the lateral position, the exercise is implemented in lateral support. Both legs are placed on the black roll, supported by one arm from the ground, the other arm is stretched out. The black roll is now rolled from the legs to the hips, tensing the entire body. The execution is a bit more difficult as it requires the balance to be maintained. The rolling motion is slow and focused and should not last more than a minute. Then the page is changed. Not only are the leg and abdominal muscles exercised by holding the position, but also the arm muscles. The arm should always be stretched out, not bent in order to ensure grip and stability. The duration of the exercise allows no overloading.

Blackroll for balance training

Here the black roll is positioned on a fitness mat. One foot is put on the roll, the other is on the ground. Now the free leg is raised and held slightly high. The whole body has to be tense, the balance is maintained. The arms can be stretched out for that. As soon as the stop is lost, the foot is supported on the ground again, the legs are changed. Now the balance is held with the other leg. Balance exercises are mainly used to strengthen the deep muscles. This can not be edited directly, so that it is indirectly stimulated and strengthened by the balance training. This serves the entire posture and the movements. The exercise can also be attempted with both legs standing on the blackroll. The relatively stable surface by its degree of hardness allows the state, the rolling movement, however, causes the balance training can take place, with both legs should be tried to limit the movement of the role or to control by their own movement. All exercises improve the sense of balance, responsiveness and coordination. Tendons and ligaments are strengthened, the muscles relaxed.

Blackroll for pain treatment

For the pure pain treatment, z. As in a herniated disc or back pain, the role is positioned in the lower back, about a little higher than the hip. The arms are placed supporting on the ground, the buttocks raised. Now the roll is moved back and forth with the back. Depending on the sensation of pain, smaller breaks are taken, but the body is consciously processed, causing the pain. After several applications, a relaxation will occur that is noticeable. The exercise will be easier, the pain will be reduced. The rolling motion can be performed about 20 times. Then the black roll is placed under the neck and serves for relaxation.

Trigger points - the targeted massage on painful areas

If pain is triggered when you touch your finger at a specific point in the back, it is a trigger point. Instead of a total tension and hardening of the muscles, a smaller knot has formed in the muscles, which is accordingly sensitive to pressure and causes pain when touched.

Myofascial trigger points are thus hardening in the muscles, the z. B. by an unfavorable attitude, caused by a lack of exercise or by shortening of the fascia. The pain is only the triggering point, not limited to this point. Also, the cause may be triggered at more remote locations, but the trigger point is not directly related to this. As an example, the trigger point in the back can cause headaches or abdominal pain.

To counter this, there is the special trigger point therapy. By means of an intensive massage, individual points should be specifically treated so that the fascia is loosened and the muscle fibers relaxed. It can be done by a therapist or masseur, but also as a self-massage with a black roll or a massage ball.

In particular, muscle hardening causes permanent pain and tension in the entire muscle area, the affected person is then permanently under tension. Both too little movement as well as an overload by z. B. Sports can cause these problems. The strained fibers squeeze the capillaries, restricting blood flow, disrupting transport to and from the cells. If these trigger points are not treated, the muscle sites can also become inflamed. Massage with the Blackroll helps to loosen the tissue again, to promote blood circulation, to re-activate the entire metabolism.

Trigger points can also cause discomfort in other areas of the body by their presence, whereas so-called tender points can in turn be treated locally because they are easier to reach, the pain is emitted in the exact area of the body where it occurs and is caused. Both forms can be influenced by self-massage and the pain in these areas can be eliminated

Combination of massage ball and black roll: the perfect complement

What can be implemented with a Blackroll, we have shown in detail in our test . The black roll can also be combined with other simple massagers, for. B. with a massage ball. Both can be used alternately for relaxation, helping to regenerate the muscles. The elongated round shape of the black roll can be used with the nubb structure of the massage ball at various parts of the body. Both the black roll and the massage ball can have different degrees of hardness, which are ideal for an intensive massage are useful. The massage ball is rolled with its nub structure over the respective muscle parts, while in the neck or elsewhere the black roll is used. Various exercises for the activation of the muscles and bonded fascial structures can be solved.

Even after exercise, both massages can be used and work on the muscles directly. It hardens especially if it is not sufficiently trained or the body is used too little, z. B. by frequent sitting. When using Blackroll and Massage Ball can be touched in these circumstances, painful points, so that the massage is initially less relaxing, yet is very effective. The bonds in the fascia are solved, with the massage ball a pre- massage, with the Blackroll then the actual exercises can be implemented. Gradually, the elasticity of the muscles will adjust again, which then again with every massage Relaxation brings with it the pain reduced.

One way to combine the two elements together, both the massage ball for massage to use, as then to complete each exercise as fascia training with the Black Roll, yoga is. As already indicated in our Blackroll test, fascia training is an excellent combination of elements of Eastern martial arts, springing courses of various gymnastics exercises and yoga. It also improves the body perception, which is dynamically in harmony with body and mind through stretching exercise with the black roll. Mindfulness and the right breathing are complementary, the whole tension in the body dissolves. The result is a positive improvement in body sensation, more performance, balance and satisfaction.

Back pain - the black roll as an excellent tool

In particular, back pain, whether sudden or chronic, can change posture and be extremely uncomfortable. As they age, they are particularly distressing and prolonged, caused by lack of exercise, hardened and inelastic muscles, adhesions and other impairments. This applies to both people who work a lot physically, have a hectic everyday life, as well as people who implement their professional activity mainly sedentary. Here is the physical stresseither too high or too low, even incorrect sitting or heavy lifting can cause back problems. These are triggered by muscle tension, whereby the individual muscle harden and restrict the movement even more. If nothing is done against this hardening, the pain can become chronic, can not be eliminated by sports and gymnastics.

Nice is that back pain can be eliminated with the Blackroll. A regular application allows a massage of the back areas and musculature dissolves adhesions in the connective tissue and makes muscles and fascia elastic again. The mobile massage with the Blackroll allows different methods, which in turn improve posture, mobilize the spine and tackle against stress. The Blackroll is just as effective as a self-massage device as the hands of a masseur or physiotherapist. The method is called "Self Myofascial Release", whereby not only the bonding in the fascia be solved, but also the muscle tone is positively influenced. The entire musculature can regenerate and relax.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Blackroll:

Are there restrictions on using the Blackroll?

The Blackroll is a self-massage for the relaxation of muscles and fascia, as well as it helps with pain. However, medical advice should be sought as soon as the pain becomes more severe when using the Blackroll , if there are reasons to restrict certain movements , if severe surgery has been performed, if the spine is injured or if there is general bone and muscle injury.

Massage effect and intensity - what does that mean in Blackroll?

All exercises for the use of the Blackroll are designed for specific muscle areas and fascia, but the intensity and effect is also related to the respective degree of hardness of the Blackroll. For example, this can cause pain when used for the first time because the fascia, connective tissue and muscles are not yet used to the effect.

This is especially the case when the fascia is already adhesively bonded, even shortened, the muscles are inflexible. Regular use will gradually loosen up the tissues, lessen the symptoms. Nevertheless, the application with the Blackroll at the beginning should not be exaggerated. As soon as pain arises, it can be stopped for a few seconds. The massage effect, the pressure and the intensity can also be influenced by your own body weight . An already slight shift in weight can intensify the exercise, as well as weaken it as needed. This can z. B. be implemented by a support with the legs and arms or by a different distance of the feet to the wall.

Can adhesions or thickening of the fascia be solved with gymnastics?

Exercise or physical activity has little effect on the advanced and hardened process in the connective tissue. Fascia must be loosened, made elastic and permanently mobilized again. This can only be achieved by direct and manual pressure, since the solidified colloids, i.e. the protein-containing basic substance of the fasciae, are liquefied by massage alone. Through pure movement, although the blood circulation and metabolism are stimulated, but collagenous thickening is not resolved. In contrast, the massage with the Blackroll can improve posture in the long term, since fascia can be solved at the nerve endings, so that a Tonusveränderung in the tissue is formed, the body again forms new structures.

Useful accessories

The Blackroll as a massager achieves its main effect by the rolling motion. To ensure that the role does not slip away and that most of the exercises take place while lying down, a fitness mat makes sense, on the one hand to ensure greater stability, on the other hand, to accomplish the massage under comfortable conditions.

A massage ball can complement and enrich the range. As shown in our Blackroll test, a combination of both massagers can be even more effective. The massage ball can consist of a simple ball with a knobbed structure, which means it can be a hedgehog ball, or a blackroll ball that is specially designed for the trigger point massage.

The exercises with the Blackroll are for relaxation, pain relief and invigorating muscle training. Who prefers the latter and wants to use the black roll in preparation for endurance and strength training, z. B. to warm up, can also work with dumbbells that strengthen the arm muscles and tune to the actual training. Dumbbells come in different weights and shapes. They also complement the use of a black roll in versatile application.

Alternatives to the Blackroll

The acupressure mat builds on a similar pressure massage. This allows the massage through various pimples, which specifically process individual parts of the body. Lying alone on the mat already causes the massage, which can also be intensified by exercises. It treats pain and physical problems that can range from back problems to insomnia.

Three levels include the massage effect on the acupressure mat. The back is massaged, the area of the spine supplied with fluid, tensions are solved. The acupressure mat can also replace the fitness mat and be combined with the Blackroll. The Blackroll can work on muscle hardening directly, the Acupressurmatte allow the actual massage on the entire body.

In spite of very good implementation of the self-massage by the Blackroll or a Blackroll Set, of course, always the walk to the physiotherapist or masseur remains. Those who are affected by severe pain should generally prefer a consultation so that the masseur can also provide information about the use of the Blackroll. This has proven itself particularly in the medical and sports field and has achieved a positive effect on many patients. Many masseurs and physiotherapists therefore recommend the additional use of a black roll at home.

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