The Best Abdominal Trainers – ( Reviews In 2020)

The abdominal trainer is ideal for training the abdominal muscles. Our team has taken several tests on the Internet under the magnifying glass to create a leader board. Here are also rankings on weight, height, training computer and other points.

What is a abdominal trainer?

A abdominal trainer is typically a fitness device that stimulates and strengthens the abdominal muscles through the movements it supports. The purposefully developed ab muscles help to activate all muscle areas in the area of the abdomen. Often the fitness equipment is suitable for training several areas of the body and thus offer an extension of the abdominal muscle training an. Diverse tests of abdominal trainer consider the particularly high-quality fitness products as well as the popular devices in detail about the respective Features. Many external test comparisons provide a solid basis for making an individual purchase decision.

In addition, as part of our comparison, we also offer helpful suggestions on the particularly popular abdominal exercises and on increasing personal motivation.

The ab trainers in different versions are suitable for the workout at home and thus serve as fitness equipment for the home.

There are the so-called belly benches and floor trainer that work with a rolling wheel . With some abdominal trainers, you lean backwards on the bench or on the backrest and lean forward, where the muscles are tense.

The rolling wheels are pressed in a bent position on the ground and rolled there forward and back. In this movement, the tension of the abdominal muscles is also clearly felt.

Additional weights or special functions increase the training effect individually. This intensification accelerates the success, because it attacks the fat reserves faster.

Best Abdominal Trainers-Ranking 2019

If you perform the exercises regularly , your abs will be strengthened. Depending on the training plan and the frequency of exercises, the result can be a tighter stomach , but also a so-called six - pack . Ultimately it depends on what is desired.

But the training of the abdominal muscles has in addition to the aesthetics also a health value and benefits. Because: A strengthened stomach not only looks nice, it also strengthens the back. As a result, among other things, the posture is improved. Tight abdominal muscles, for example, counteract a hollow back.

In addition, other problem areas such as hips, buttocks and thighs are often tightened by the abdominal trainer, an important positive effect. For some ab muscles , the fun factor is very high, for others the  focus is clearly on the training effect.

How does a abdominal trainer work?

How the abdominal trainer works depends on its design . The practical floor trainer are basically very simple. Their functionality is immediately apparent in practical use.

The floor trainer, also referred to as a power roller or roll bar , consist of a U-shaped linkage, which is provided with cushions. They allow various positions and train depending on the movement of the front or lower abdominal muscles. The intensity of the movement is rated as medium.

The Rollrad also belongs to the simple and small belly rainern. It works on a similar principle as push-ups. The trainee kneels in front of the rolling wheel and pushes it away on the sturdy handles on the right and on the left and pulls it back to itself.

This movement creates a resistance that responds slightly or more strongly to the muscles depending on the roll distance . Since these wheels are equipped without a mechanical auxiliary function , they are mainly suitable for trained people who have no back problems.

But there are also premium scooters, where an adjustment of the training intensity in tests was possible. Some of these wheels were not only equipped with a wheel in various tests , but with two wheels to facilitate safe operation.

The traditional include abdominal benches. This is an oblique surface on which the athlete lies backwards. Here, the upper body is inclined backwards over. The feet are placed in a designated bracket to provide the necessary back pressure for sit-ups, crunches and similar exercises.

Due to the oblique position, the hip flexor muscles are less affected than in normal sit-ups. Instead, the effect on the abdominal muscles is noticeably higher. This increased stress ensures that even short training sessions lead to a good success. The belly benches are available in various designs to choose from.

Often, the support surface can be adjusted individually. This is especially advantageous if the abdominal trainer is used by several people who differ in size .

The inclination of the lying surface can be adjusted in many abdominal banks with a single handle . In part, the benches can also be supplemented by additional add-on elements to expand the training possibilities . That's why the belly benches are considered popular all-round exercise equipment .

As a home bench, they are not only designed to specifically train the center of the body , but also serve to strengthen the arms and legs in combination with dumbbells or other equipment.

A complete abdominal trainer station can also be set up in your own home. An extra gym does not have to be available. If necessary, the device can be set aside in a few steps to save space when the training session has ended.

The abdominal trainer station is considered an effective system for combined muscle building and endurance training. The special construction activates the muscle groups by the body weight of the exerciser. Depending on the position and direction of movement, there is a change of tension and relaxation phases, which intensifies the training.

These so-called Body Shapers are not only suitable for advanced users, but they are also used by beginners. Due to the integrated mechanics wrong movements are almost impossible. If necessary, the inclination angle is changed, which affects the intensity of the subsequent exercise.

Advantages & Applications

The various abdominal trainers are great for a youth or bedroom, where they can easily find a place because of their small format . Before the exercises begin with the floor trainer or roller, a mat is laid out. For the abdominal bench , this exercise mat is not required.

Even the larger training stations can be built up within a short time, so that nothing prevents the training of the abdominal muscles. The various abdominal trainers from various tests 2019 have proven themselves as health promoting devices and convince by their stability.

With their flexible usage options, they are considered as varied fitness equipment. The abdominal trainers are mainly used when a better muscle is to be supported. They are also suitable for physiotherapeutic applications.

An optimization of the abdominal muscles affects the entire posture and strengthens most of the back muscles.

In this context, the abdominal trainers play an essential role in good posture and prophylaxis for back problems.

The strength training for the abdominal muscles helps to stabilize the trunk and to tighten the body. This has both aesthetic and health reasons. If you want to lose weight, you can use the abdominal training to reduce your waist circumference .

In addition to the aesthetics , it is on the other hand, the physical health and physical well-being , and can be improved by training the abdominal muscles. Because the abdominal muscles support the trunk, which improves the posture. Through a targeted abdominal training allowing them to be posture problems and the negative consequences associated mitigate or even avoid. In addition, an upright walk is created and the internal organs are held in place and protected by the muscles that surround them like a corset. At best, however, the back muscles should be strengthened and trained.

This is also beneficial in two ways : The fat is burned better, which automatically makes you feel fitter and healthier, and the body becomes leaner.

However, losing weight with the abdominal trainer can only be crowned with success if you also change your diet .

What types of abdominal trainers are there?

The different types of abdominal trainer are stable devices such as a stomach or rolling training equipment. There are ground equipment as well as bench trainers, on which the trainee leans backwards to perform sit-ups and other abdominal exercises.

By a support for the feet, a certain back pressure is given, which gives more power for lifting the upper body. In addition, the fixation ensures that the feet do not slip away. The comparison and test winners of the abdominal trainer in the form of an abdominal bench have an adjustment function as well as padding that makes the training comfortable.

The important advantages of the abdominal bank are listed in the following short list :

  • very effective method for abdominal training,
  • suitable for various training levels and body sizes through adjustment
  • the high-quality devices can be folded to save space,
  • stable state.

The disadvantages of the abdominal banks relate only to the initial setup :

  • high purchase price,
  • a lot of space required for training.

For beginners , the floor trainer is a very good solution. The ergonomically adapted padding for the neck and elbow prevents tension and painful collisions. The comparative test winners of these floor trainer are partially equipped with integrated mini-computers , which show information about the duration of training and the completed units.

After training , many models of the floor trainer can be disassembled or folded, so they hardly need any storage space. The curved U-shaped steel tube can be used safely even by beginners and makes the exercises pleasantly light. In addition to the abdominal muscles, the back muscles are activated during the training sessions . At the same time the floor trainer protects the intervertebral discs. Due to their rigid construction , these training devices are not suitable for all body sizes. Therefore, you should pay attention to the size specifications when selecting such a floor trainer .

The advantages of the floor trainer in a test:

  • handy and small format,
  • inexpensive training device,
  • easy to use even for beginners,
  • gentle on intervertebral discs and back.

The disadvantages of the floor trainer in a test:

  • is not suitable for all body sizes,
  • rigid shape, therefore little variety.

The abdominal muscle scooter is also a popular and practical form of abdominal trainer in our test comparison. These devices are mainly used by athletic people because they require a certain amount of force. The trainee kneels on a soft mat in front of the roll coach and pushes him away from him, then pull him back to himself.

For individuals who regularly sports driving or are well trained, this is basic exercise no problem. However, those who have back problems or are in an untrained status , should opt for a lighter training device. The ab trainers with rolling wheel are available at a reasonable price and are particularly flexible .

Nevertheless, they do not lack stability . This is also important as they have to withstand a lot of weight when moving back and forth during abdominal training.

A particular advantage of this simple training device is the high level of motivation that results from being  able to feel the effect immediately and to clearly recognize it after just a few units .

The advantages of ground rolling wheels:

  • low acquisition costs,
  • high motivation through fun and success factor,
  • very effective,
  • light weight with strong resistance,
  • handy and space saving.

The disadvantages of the abdominal muscle scooter:

  • only suitable for trained.

All abdominal trainers from a  test can only lead to success , even if they are used regularly . Without two to three training sessions a week , the abdominal muscles can not be built up.

Ab Trainers are not an invention of modern times. For several decades, people have been trying to define or strengthen their abdominal muscles through various devices. Very popular ways to do this are now the so-called Crunch abdominal trainer , the belly Bank , the abdominal muscle scooters and electric stimulator . All of these species have their own advantages and disadvantages and appeal to specific training programs.

 Of course we also tell you in our abdominal trainer Test 2019 what these are and what you should know and consider when looking for a suitable abdominal trainer in relation to the different species.

However, you should not train with it every day, because the body needs a regeneration period for good muscle growth.

The crunch abdominal trainer - the most popular training device for the abdomen

Trainers that use the crunch principle are probably the best-known fitness equipment for the abdomen today. Incidentally, the term crunch also comes from the English word and stands for curvature . Some people will already think that this is related to the type of exercises performed with the help of such a abdominal trainer. Because with these, the body is repeatedly brought into a curved posture, which responds to the abdominal muscles . By varying the body position during training, however, a Cruch trainer can address all conceivable abdominal regions.

And: Crunch trainers are already relatively cheap in high quality and can be stored and stored very quickly and in a space-saving manner. This also makes the Crunch Trainer an allrounder and not without reason one of the most popular types in the abdominal trainer segment.

The abdominal bench - the classic that trains more than just the stomach

The belly Bank , today often Situp bank called (from English), provides the trainee numerous training opportunities that can often be varied to be adjusted to a higher or lower severity. For this often only the support angle or the body position must be changed . And: With the aid of a stomach you can not only work out your stomach, but also your legs, back, hips and arms will get their money's worth with the right exercises. For this reason, an abdominal bench may still be missing in almost every gym - neither in the professional nor in many semi-professional studios in their own home.

But an abdominal bank in high quality not infrequently costs its price and requires space. For users who want to bring out their abdominal trainer only for training under the bed and have him stowed after this again within a few minutes, a sit-up bank is so usually rather not.

The abdominal scooter - only something for professionals?

The abdominal or abdominal scooter is considered one of the most difficult machines for abdominal training. Because the small and inconspicuous scooter demands of the fitness fan a lot of strength and a good body control. This device is, as the name implies, a device that must be rolled over the ground. Meanwhile, one supports oneself however with the body on the scooter - which can lead with wrong handling unfortunately also to injuries . In addition, it is advisable to try only on an abdominal scooter, if the back muscles is already strengthened. For this reason, the training with such a rather recommended for experienced and trained users .

The scooters are suitable for nearly all imaginable ground conditions and surfaces. However, you should always use common sense and avoid training on a surface that could lead to accidents or injuries. But the quality of the scooter itself plays a crucial role , if you do not want to regret the purchase later.

Because for a specific and safe training, the scooter must not slide or slide - which many cheap models can not always meet. You should not necessarily invest in the cheapest model. But: An abdominal scooter can be stored very quickly, easily and space-saving.

The electro stimulation device - abdominal training from the socket?

The name of the electro stimulation device is Program. Because this is a lektrisch operated belt or belt , in which the abdominal muscles is stimulated by electromagnetic stimuli. Since the user usually does not actively engage in the training of the abdominal muscles, it is called passive training and the belt passive training device. Many of these straps are not limited in their use but only on the stomach. They come for example with different fitting pieces or are so adaptable that they can be used, for example, on the arms, legs and buttocks.

In terms of muscle training, most electro-stimulation devices can convince, but often they have their limits and / or should be used in addition to an active training program. For the training to really show the desired success, but it depends on the right belt . Because not every belt has the same specifications and is therefore not suitable for every user. Things like your own height and weight , for example, play a big role.

The straps are mostly designed for the average . Very overweight people should be careful to choose a device that is suitable for them - or avoid too much expectation of training with a standard electric stimulation belt for the masses.

The abdominal trainers were tested

Even if we do not present a abdominal trainer comparison test winner , so there are interesting results that we want to provide the prospective buyers .

In order to find out what the benefits of the training equipment are and where the weaknesses lie, test persons have carried out thorough checks.

These give hints on which features are possible. The question of the optimal abdominal trainer for individual training use can hardly be answered flat rate.

The personal goals and the current situation must be taken into consideration here as well as the suitability of the training devices. In the following we provide detailed explanations of the important product features that we noticed in various  tests .

The training methods and the activated muscle groups

Many abdominal trainers not only address the abdominal muscles , but also other muscle areas. This makes them suitable for several training purposes. In the simple Tra i beginnings devices there is a risk that only the upper abdominals or only the lower muscles are activated.

In the comparison and test winner of the abdominal trainer , however, can train the entire middle of the body . Accordingly, these abdominal trainers were  rated in tests. Through comprehensive muscle training in addition to the abdominal muscles and the chestand back muscles are strengthened.

If you are looking for a high-quality abdominal trainer , you should pay attention to the variety of training options and not just concentrate on a single muscle group .


The different abdominal trainers in comparison have a marking, up to which maximum body weight .

This indicated load indicates that the exerciser, for example, must not weigh more than 100 kg . For most ab muscles the maximum load is between 100 and 150 kg.

Folding mechanism

With a folding mechanism , the abdominal trainer can be quickly cleared out of the way after training. This is especially important if there is no extra gym at home . The training device can therefore be used in the living room and then simply folded back.

Some of the abdominal trainers also have quick-release screws that require no tools. They allow as well as the folding mechanism space-saving stowage of the devices. If you have more space in your flat, you can leave your abdominal trainer in a room ready for use.

The adjustability of the abdominal trainer

Many models of the abdominal trainer offer different options of adjustment . In the case of the abdominal banks, for example, the inclination can be changed.

In addition, it is possible with various devices to adjust the upholsteryfor the pelvic area or for the neck. Thus, these abdominal trainer are suitable for small people of, for example, 1.60 m in size as well as tall people of almost 2 m .

The extras or additional equipment of the abdominal trainer

Not only the premium models and comparison test winners of the abdominal trainers are often characterized by extras . The standard versions are also equipped with clever additional equipment. This may be a mini-fitness computer act, the information on the training time and the consumed calories is, or extra weights.

These increase the intensity of the abdominal muscle training and are therefore suitable primarily for better trained people. For beginners additional handles are useful, which are often included with the ab trainer. They make it easier to lift the upper body by distributing the weight better and also helping the arms.

Other special features in the equipment of the abdominal trainer include back- friendly upholstery or extra-wide wheels . A training manual is also included with many devices . This gives tips on the exercises and is therefore especially for the beginners an interesting help. Even for the advanced, there are practical tips on how the abdominal muscle training can be intensified or expanded.

What about quality?

Depending on the model and type of abdominal trainer, they can hardly be distinguished from each other. Nevertheless, there are small but fine details that can be respected to determine the quality and thus the price-performance ratio. What about material quality? Does the processing leave room for defects - or not? And how long, based on the processing and material quality , probably the expected life of the device look like? We have always asked ourselves these questions in the abdominal trainer test . And our comparison test winners were always able to score points with gratifying answers.

How good and space-saving can the device be stored?

Of course, ab muscles should not be too light or too small. Nor should they be too heavy or too big. Also for the abdominal trainer, there are, for each model, the almost perfect dimensions. For example, small modelssuch as an abdominal muscle scooter or electro-stimulation straps should be comfortable and easy to use, but also stowed away quickly, easily and in a space-saving manner . The situation is similar with crunch coaches or abdominal banks.

Especially the latter can not always be really fast and problematical collapse, so that they are difficult to stow after training. We took a close look at which device can and does not score here. And: We also inform you in our overview at a glance about the dimensions and weight .

How easy is the device to build and use?

To be able to use them, most abdominal trainers first have to be mounted - some only once, others before each use, if they are to be stowed in the meantime space-saving. Here we have paid attention to whether a useful assembly instructions exists. But then we also went to the bottom of the question, how easy and, above all, fast the structure with this design. However, the training fun does not begin with the structure, but with the subsequent training.

For this, most manufacturers include a manual or a DVD , which usually includes some exercises, among other things . If this was the case, there were plus points in our abdominal trainer test . However, we also looked at how well the exercises are designed for the various user groups and how well they can be done based on the instructions.

What special features are there?

In addition to the training tips , which may be in writing or on DVD, some manufacturers equip their abdominal trainers but with many more gimmicks. For example, there are some trainers who bring a small electrical computer . Depending on the model, this could count the crunches performed .

Other trainers bring a handy bag to transport and store the trainer - while others are available in sets that already include a mat that makes training on the ground more comfortable. There were also pluses for this. We clarify in our overview but also on which device shows or brings which special features.

What should I look for when buying a abdominal trainer?

The selection of a abdominal trainer is based on different conditions. Among other things, one should take into account the maximum body weight , so that the fitness equipment is not too heavily strained or it comes to accidents.

In addition, it is about finding a device that optimally trains the desired muscle groups . Depending on the environment, the size or possibility of collapse also plays a role when purchasing a abdominal trainer. Who lives in a small apartment, will certainly prefer the compact equipment. The abdominal trainer with folding mechanism can also be used flexibly and simply cleared out of the way after training to make room for other things.

A test of the abdominal trainer presents various models that are suitable for use at home. When comparing the devices it is made clear which criteria have to be observed in order to avoid a bad buy .

So there are training devices that activate only the muscles in the abdomen, but also systems that can be used for various training purposes and also address other muscle groups.

In many  tests, as well as in the reviews of the numerous abdominal trainers, those devices have performed particularly well that allow the training of multiple muscle zones .

This effectively activates both the upper and lower abdominal muscles . Furthermore, the training devices are also used to strengthen the muscles in the back and in the chest , so that a varied training is supported.

For beginners who start their abdominal training for the first time, the floor trainer is a good start. These make the entry into the fitness or abdominal training easy. The spine is not overly burdened, but in addition to the abdominal muscles and the back muscles benefit from the training.

The practical and easy-to-use device makes the exercises really fun, so that the motivation does not let up. Who after some time wants a more effective training, which can possibly be equipped with a higher-quality ab trainer to achieve higher goals.

An abdominal trainer test of 2019 also featured larger abdominal trainers designed for targeted and effective abdominal-leg-butt exercises .

Anyone who considers the purchase of such an abdominal muscle trainer, should, however, consider whether the necessary conditions for optimal use are met. The following criteria also play a decisive role when deciding on a different type of abdominal trainer :

  •  There should be enough space in the apartment to work out with the fitness equipment. Then can stomach Bank or the belly, legs and bottom fitness instructors remain available even after the use of the room. For a small apartment, the collapsible abdominal trainer is a sensible solution.
  • The safety of the training device must not be neglected. A look at the quality seal provides information about the GS and / or the TÜV certification. The high quality of the abdominal trainer has a positive effect on the long life and an unrestricted training. Possible accidents can be excluded by the training safety of the devices.
  •  In general, the abdominal trainers have been developed for use at home. Some models are also suitable for traveling with their handy format or a practical system , as they can be disassembled. So fit the exercise equipment in the suitcase and are also in business or private travel with it. A training break does not have to be taken.
  • As a result of a  abdominal trainer test , we present classic and mainly functionally designed devices as well as trend models that look stylish. The combination with other fitness accessories is possible in both cases. If you are interested in a chic gym, the design of the training equipment is exactly the right one. Modern colors increase motivation and make you want to train again.
  •  There are exercise machines that focus on strengthening the abdominal muscles, as well as workout machines that target multiple muscle groups. When choosing a device, the flexibility ofthe training plan is paramount. The question is: Should only the abdominal muscles be improved, or is the training of other muscle parts desired?
  • If the purchase decision for a fitness device has fallen, there is no excuse. The abdominal trainer fulfills its purpose only if it is used regularly. At least twice, better three times a week should be practiced with the abdominal trainer to gradually approach the desired success. Whether it's a classic, mechanical abdominal trainer or innovative equipment, an intense workout is required for the dream figure.

Which type and model should it be?

Before you decide on a specific model, you should clarify which type of abdominal trainer is right for you. As suggested in our guidebook, which dealt with various types of abdominal trainers, there are various types - and these always have their own advantages and disadvantages and characteristics. To clarify which type of abdominal trainer is right for you, you need to clarify what you expect from a abdominal trainer .

If you want to strengthen your abs quickly and in between and are a layman , you should consider a Crunch Trainer . This is wonderfully suitable for beginners and yet offers many variations on the exercises and trained abdominal areas.

On the other hand, abdominal scooters are more suitable for experienced athletes who want a challenging workout - but they should have good body control. On the other hand, abdominal benches are well-suited for people who want more than just a abdominal trainer and who have plenty of space available. Because with the abdominal bench can also train other muscle parts of the body - such as the arms, back and legs.

Cheap or expensive: which device is the better?

Once you have decided on a certain type of ab trainers , you still have the proverbial choice . Because no matter if crunch coach, abdominal or abdominal scooter - they are represented by numerous manufacturers and countless variations and also price ranges. Whether your abdominal trainer should be equipped with the latest electronic gimmicks or in the most modern designs is ultimately your choice.

For factors like these rarely decide on the quality and suitability of the abdominal trainer. They can, however, influence the price - and rarely do it positively.

What should you not lose sight of?

But do not let the quality of the material and the processing of the equipment out of sight. Because these often decide not only on the effectiveness of your training, but possibly also on whether the risk of injury is high or low. If in doubt, invest a few euros more in a high-quality model.

How do you recognize such with the naked eyes? The material should make a stable and high quality impression. Edges, joints and transitions should be clean. In the end, however, a look at the TÜV and safety badges also helps: they should definitely be present.

What should you consider when buying an electronic abdominal trainer?

Electrostimulation devices have been on the rise for several years now. Because they promise a simple and effective training , for example while sitting in front of the TV relaxing. However, the fact is that often it is not enough for a rock-hard washboard stomach, just strap on the belt for a few minutes a day and sitback - at best with a large portion of ice cream, which sweetens the somewhat unpleasant procedure.

Many professional athletes , however, like to use electronic abdominal trainers to enhance , supplement or optimize their training . When choosing an electronic abdominal trainer, it is important that you decide on a model that is suitable for you.

In addition, you should clarify how many stimulation levels are desired and available for the devices in question. And: Of course, the operation of the device should be simple and understandable.

Brief information on leading manufacturers

A test of the abdominal trainer shows the various training methods that help to strengthen the abdominals and get a slimmer figure . The quality branded devices come from well-known manufacturers such as Christopeit and Kettler . These two German companies are known for reliable fitness equipment .

The Hammer brand also comes from Germany and stands for convincing product quality. Other well-known manufacturers for abdominal trainer and other fitness equipment are Physionics and Slender-tone. In part, these companies work together with physiotherapeutic institutions .

Because the abdominal trainers are not only suitable for the muscle building of athletes, but they also help in the recovery and strengthening of weakened persons who are, for example, in rehab.

Some manufacturers are not only concerned with mechanical exercise equipment, but also with the production of special belts designed to stimulate blood circulation and fat burning .

These belly-away belts are also considered by some to be a kind of abdominal trainer, but the term "trainer" is not very fitting because you do not have to move with such a belt.

Internet vs. Specialists: where do I buy my abdominal trainer the best?

In specialized shops or in sports activities one receives to the abdomen coaches an individual consultation. The specialized staff informs the buyers about the specific features of the respective devices.

Some of the training systems are structured so that those interested can carry out a small test run or at least test their feelings of well-being. With a direct help you get a good impression of the abdominal trainers.

However, the Internet has a much wider choice of exercise equipment. Here you also get a variety of information.

The store relies on salespeople's advice , while the product descriptions available online are a sure guide to making a purchase decision. Very advantageous are the comparison options offered by the Internet.

Here you can see without a long search which ab trainers for the individual fitness exercises in the shortlisted, and can compare them directly.

On a comparison portal  as here in expert tests or directly in the shops can sometimes call a comparison table . This shows on one page the important product features as well as the prices . It is hardly easier and more comfortable.

Also, the delivery of the online order scores over the purchase in the store. It is not necessary to transport the exercise machine home when it is sent to the personal address by the shop.

If there is something wrong with the abdominal trainer or if you do not like the device, it is not a problem to initiate an exchange . The trip to the store is not required when buying an Internet.

In- store advice will be replaced by a phone call or chat with the service team when making an online purchase . Here, too, the customers receive a detailed explanation, which refers for example to the effectiveness and the areas of application of the different abdominal trainers.

When it comes to additional items such as weights or handles , the service staff are also happy to help. Also, the extras can be ordered easily, either together with the abdominal trainer or individually, if after an entry into the training an intensification is desired.

The Internet trade and its numerous advantages

The Internet trading is now considered the shopping version of the future. No miracle, it can be in any trade on site around the clock and shopping from your own sofa. However, many people have hitherto shied away when buying in the WWW, because they lacked the personal advice. But the times when this was true are long gone. Today, even at most online shops, numerous experts are waiting to help you find a suitable abdominal trainer - and they often do that beyond the regular shop opening hours.

After the purchase, which is usually completed within a few minutes, then it just means sit back and wait. Because the selected abdominal trainer is delivered to your doorstep . Now it can be inspected and tested in peace - up to 14 days long. If the device does not like, it can be returned to the dealer.

The local retailer and his personal touch

If you still like it personally and close to the local area, you should contact the local trade. The advantage: Here you can take a look at the products offered and test them before deciding on a abdominal trainer. Assuming that the offer on site is really big enough to go for a balanced search. Because most shops, even large sports chains, today only have a small and up-to-date selection on site .

Many retailers today refer to the online offer of their companies. Here, the entire range can be examined - and with an order can be selected, whether you want to have the product in the nearest retailer (for pickup locally) or directly delivered to your home. Or the local retailers do not order in-stock products for their customers and have them delivered to retailers.

Worth knowing & advice

The abdominal trainers  from a  test 2019 support a more or less intensive training of abdomen, trunk, back and adjacent muscle groups. Many people who train with these devices not only want more strengthbut also increased fat loss.

For a lean body and tight muscles it depends on a perennial training and on a healthy, low-fat diet. This supports the effectiveness of the exercises.

In the endurance training, which is also under the term cardio exercise is known, is the physical fitness to the fore. Especially women attach great importance to their slim waist. They are ready to work on their fitness, but they do not want their abdominal muscles to be clearly visible.

In cardio training , the endurance is specifically improved without the muscles build up too much. Instead, the fat is burned optimally, so that the middle of the body shows a significant slimming . Typical for the endurance training is a longer training phase at a moderate pace.

Men are more interested than women in defined abdominal muscles , so their training usually looks a little different. They focus on building muscle. Both in muscle building as well as in endurance training , it depends on the regularity of the exercises.

Those who only work sporadically with the abdominal trainer will hardly reach their training goal. Even if the workouts last only ten or fifteen minutes , they should not be completely canceled. Because only when trained at regular intervals , the condition develops and the fat loss begins.

The story of the abdominal trainer

In the 1920s, various exercise equipment was developed, including rowing machines and fitness benches, which were used to strengthen the muscles of men and women.

The muscle training , however, was only in the 1960sand 1970s years s significant progress. In these two decades, the strength sports gained in importance. Arnold Schwarzenegger is just one example of how important bodybuilding has been for many people. For the fitness training, as it is carried out today, the American Arthur Jones is considered the founder .

He developed powerful training machines , a high intensity supported. In contrast to the previously preferred volume training that had systems in the 1970 Jah rendedicated to a lesser extent.

One strove to build up the muscles as fast and effectively as possible. To date, the fitness equipment used in many studios is based on Arthur Jones' Nautilus exercise machines . Meanwhile, these training devices have been refined and are easier to use. In addition, the training is much more effective today than it used to be.

In the late 1970s, Mike Mentzer optimized the training methods and continued this development in the 1980s. He put on the so-called Heavy Duty Training, which is still considered a very effective method of building muscle.

Since the 1990s , in addition to the actual training and the diet has moved into focus. The combination of the different training principles, such as the High Intensity Training (HIT) and a nutrient- and vitamin-rich diet has proven itself to this day.

By modernizing the training equipment and new findings in nutritional research, the image of fitness training has nevertheless changed.

At the present Training with the abdominal trainer thus includes a balanced and appropriate diet. Through certain nutrients such as protein and amino acids, the body gets optimal support. In gyms particular are drinks offered, which are enriched with dietary supplements and promote thereby the successful strength training.

Already in the rest period directly after training, the nutrients can develop their positive effect. In a healthy diet , however, the trainers need no additives, because the valuable ingredients are also included in fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc.

Numbers, data, facts about the abdominal trainer

The abdominal trainer optimizes both physical strength and flexibility. On this basis, the training ofthe abdominal muscles can also help against back problems, either directly or prophylactic ally. Through the exercises with the exercise equipment and additional gymnastics can improve the motor skills.

From this point of view, the abdominal trainer supports the recovery of muscle power and healthy body posture. A weak musculature can cause serious consequences, leading to malpractice and , as a consequence , serious physical problems. Therefore, it makes sense to counteract the lack of exercise and the dwindling muscle power with a abdominal trainer .

If you sit a lot, the muscle strands in the hips, chest and thighs gradually shorten . Even wearing high-heeled shoes can cause painful changes in the muscles.

Through exercises with the abdominal trainer or by stretching gymnastics , the various muscle groups can be stretched again, at the same time get the counter muscles through the strength training a noticeable strengthening. The targeted buildup of the musculature relieves the passive musculoskeletal system, as the bones, cartilage and ligaments in the human body are called.

The abdominal muscles trained with the fitness equipment not only look attractive, they also help stabilize posture and prevent pain . Together with the abdominal muscles, the back muscles are activated by many abdominal trainers.

The effectiveness of the devices is not based on the size and design, but on how the abdominal muscles are tense and relaxed again. In general, those abdominal trainers are preferred that, in addition to the abdominal muscles, also address other muscle are seen the buttocks or shoulders and arms. Although the focus is not on the stomach, where you usually want to lose weight, it pays to invest in a flexible device.

Depending on the design and mode of operation , the various abdominal trainer have very different dimensions. The handy floor trainer often weigh no more than 4 kg and are about 70 cm wide, tall and long when unfolded . A stomach has a length between 120 and 140 cm. Since she has to bear the weight ofthe exerciser, she is herself stable and weighs up to 15 kg . The lighter models have a dead weight of 8 kg . The rolling wheels are just like the floor trainer very lightweight and need only little space. Abdominal trainer vs. Abdominal toning belt

A abdominal trainer test informs the prospective buyers about the abdominal muscle belts, which are considered a comfortable alternative . With such a belt , success seems to be inevitable. The various models are to conjure a narrow waist or even a six-pack, and without gymnastics.

There are simple Tummy Belt, the only look a few pounds, gymnastics belt, which in sports for a stabilization care as well as sweating and slimming belts, intended to boost by activating the circulation water loss and fat burning.

Anyone who decides on a belly muscle belt, however, can expect no miracle effect.

Although these wide special girdles serve to stimulate, this is just a kind of passive muscle training. By their nature, they increase calorie consumption and specifically activate the abdominal area.

But losing weight with such a belt is only possible if you also change your diet . The various models of the abdominal muscle belts are designed to support the training of the muscles and can promote a diet . Their optimal effect unfolds when they are worn as a supplement to other sports activities.

The gymnastic belts, which are mostly made of plastic , mainly promote perspiration and are therefore also referred to as a sweat belt .

The abdominal muscle belts are considered very practical, because they can be worn under clothing and thus activate the muscles in everyday working life. Even when relaxing on the sofa in the evening, such a belt helps to increase the basal metabolic rate.

Depending on the diet, this can be used to support other sports activities. Also for the easier entry into an active life these belts are a sensible acquisition.

However, the abdominal belt is not suitable for people who suffer from muscle and joint pain. Even people with a pacemaker should refrain from strapping on an abdominal belt. For people with hypertension and for pregnant women , these passive training devices are also not suitable.

In contrast to the abdominal belt, the abdominal trainers promote active movement and encourage users to become more athletic. In addition, many of these active training devices are characterized by variable applications. A belly coach test from 2019 indicates that even the devices in the lower and middle price segment have an excellent effect when exercising regularly. With a abdominal trainer you can practice in different positions , which increases the fun of training. In the case of a muscle belt , on the other hand, there is a risk that the sufferers believe they have already done enough for their fitness. In addition, the belts are commonly used by starters and intermediate level instructors. For athletic people, however, they are rather out of the question, because here the abdominal trainers are clearly the more effective option. Advanced athletes with relatively well-trained abdominal muscles use the belts at most to tie them up when performing other exercises .

Here, the training effect is mainly related to the complementary effect of passive abdominal training. As the exercisers lift their legs or perform other movements, they intensify their personal program.

In spite of the convenience of the abdominal girdles, more people opt for the abdominal trainers. These make it easier for the trainees to move forward and achieve new successes with each unit. In the abdominal muscle belt such a continuous development is not possible.

The motivation is so much greater in the abdominal trainers, regardless of whether it is a stomach or a rolling wheel. The good mood when exercising is also created by the body's own production of endorphins,which are triggered during active, athletic movements.

In comparison to the abdominal belts most Bauchtrainer are also relatively inexpensive. After a certain training period of four to six weekend en may include, however, it makes sense, new exercises to try.

Because the human body gets used to regular movements, so that the muscles no longer receive the necessary stimuli and a strong intensification needs to continue to grow.

Through altered movements or processes , the growth stimulus is re-created and the muscles are significantly strengthened. This change also makes for more fun in training.

 In the juxtaposition of abdominal belt and abdominal trainer is the active training device, the abdominal trainer, so clearly ahead. The motivation is an extremely important fact or and should not be underestimated. It is crucial for the training success, as well as the belief in your own staying power.

The right nutrition for the training of the abdominal muscles

A proper diet is necessary for training with the abdominal fitness machine to be successful . Not only experienced athletes know how important it is to eat the right nutrients and avoid unhealthy meals. Fast food and sugary foods counteract the muscle training , so you should not only create a meaningful trainingplan, but also a nutrition plan .

Those who want to get leaner with the training sessions, especially in the evening on carbohydrates and unhealthy fats. If possible, saturated fats, such as those found in fatty sausages and in many dairy products , should be avoided. Also in sweets and salty snacks such as chips, these saturated fats can be found.

However, the complete avoidance of fats is not recommended, because the body needs a certain amount of fat. The energy for the musculature comes among other things from unsaturated fats, which can not be produced independently by the human body. The unsaturated fatty acids are characterized by their health-promoting properties and help to reduce body fat.

They are contained in nuts, olive oil and avocados, for example. For the important, polyunsaturated fats , the fatty acid omega-3 is the favorite. This nutrient is the body among other things, by the eating of of fish supplied and can be found, for example, salmon, Mak rele or tuna.

Rapeseed oil and tofu also have a relatively high proportion of omega-3. Fish, light meats such as poultry, nuts, legumes and eggs also contain a high proportion of protein, which also strengthens the muscles.

The weight loss is easier when a good satiety is achieved. This is achieved by using fiber that is found in natural products such as vegetables and fruits. Also cereals and legumes provide quick saturation effect, as they swell in the stomach.

Another trick is the food to spice sharp. Seasonings such as chili trigger the so-called thermogenesis : Here, the body heat is increased by the sharpness , so that you start to sweat . This in turn affects the energy consumption , resulting in increased fat burning .

The daily food should be well distributed throughout the day, with long breaks between the main meals. As a snack , fruit, dried fruit or a few nuts are suitable. Basic foods help to control the acidity of the body. This is less likely to cause sore muscles, which is especially noticeable in intensive muscle training.

It is also important to pay attention to the calories not only during the meal , because the drinks also often contain a high proportion of sugar. In particular, the soft drinks are real figure killer in this context and should therefore be avoided as far as possible.

Natural fruit juices are healthy on the one hand, but one should not forget that they contain fructose and therefore are not free of carbohydrates . If you do not want to give up a little taste , you can, for example, mix apple juice with plenty of water or drink green tea .

Both mineral water and herbal teas can be consumed in large quantities, because this can improve the metabolism and the calorie consumption increases. In addition, these calorie-free drinks compensate for fluid loss during sweating.

The diet for a successful phase of exercise and weight loss should be based on the following foods :

  • Wholemeal pasta instead of regular wheat noodles,
  • Wholemeal pasta instead of regular wheat noodles,
  • unsweetened muesli instead of sweet cornflakes,
  • Tomatoes,
  • apples,
  • Nuts (neither salted nor roasted),
  • increased use of fresh herbs, but reduced amount of salt,
  • Skimmed yogurt and skimmed quark,
  • Skim milk instead of fat-rich milk or cream,
  • Buttermilk,
  • Soy products.

In 5 steps to the washboard stomach

Step 1

 (Belly) Lose Fat and Eat a Healthy Diet

A washboard belly does not emerge overnight and can not be created by doing a few belly exercises three times a week and enjoying fast food the rest of the week. A washboard stomach is also hard work - and seen over a longer period of time. In order for the abdominal muscles to stand out in steel, the body weight and the KFA must also be correct. It is not for nothing that weightlifters, which are known to be very muscular, often only have a KFA of around 5 percent on average. If you want a washboard stomach, you may need to get rid of excess pounds, And: Even in the long run or when a good normal weight is present, a healthy and balanced diet must be respected.

Step 2

Doing the right exercises

The abdominal muscles can be trained through a variety of exercises. In order for a washboard stomach to emerge from training, it must be correspondingly intense. And: not only the front muscles have to be trained, but also the lateral abdominal muscles and the back muscles .

Step 3

Being active all over

A washboard stomach requires that the body is fit. And this fitness does not require a book muscle training alone. Therefore, a balanced exercise plan that includes active activities such as regular jogging and cycling is essential.

Step 4

Exercise the entire body

A washboard abs looks better on a well- toned body than a body that exercises only limited training. So that your figure with the desired washboard abdomen makes an overall good impression, you should not forget the arms, legs, chest and buttocks during training . For this purpose, for example, a well-balanced strength and weight training is well suited.

Step 5

Keep Patience and Discipline

However, the true path to a washboard belly is through discipline . Because only if you follow all necessary steps to the washboard belly disciplined over a long time, you will be rewarded for it ultimately. How long it takes to enjoy a washboard stomach depends on what your physical condition is. A halfway well-trained and athletic person will see first successes rather than someone who first has to get rid of his overweight. But be patient: it's worth it. Because a well-toned body is not only nice to look at. It also has a positive effect on your fitness and health .


The meaning of the KFA

Under the so-called body fat percentage (short KFA) one understands in the medicine and the sport a percentage value . This value indicates what percentage of the body, measured in terms of total weight, muscle mass and height, consists of fat.

In this case, the lower the fat content , the healthier it is for the body . However, since - as already indicated - various factors play a role, can not be generalized here. Because gender and age also play a role. On average, however, at a value of 21 to 24 percent, one speaks of a healthy normal value.

As high a value, depending on age, over 25 and over 30 percent considered. Here is the rule: the older you are, the higher the fat content may be, without being a health concern. But exceptions also confirm the rule here. For example, male professional athletes have a CFA of 8 to 12 percent on average. On the other hand, a proportion of body fat in men is 5 to 8 percent, while in women the KFA should be at least between 10 and 13 percent.

With the KFA is calculated fundamentally, because it can be better calculated when losing weight and also in sports, how much fat has lost someone . Because muscle mass, which is built up during sports, always weighs more than fat. This means that someone who decreases and becomes more muscular will not necessarily end up weighing less than before.

Because: When muscles removed, one also decreases, as if one is breaking down fat - and if you build muscles , you also increases , as when one sets fat.


❓What goals can be achieved with the abdominal trainer and how do you create a suitable training plan?

In the short term you can not get a six pack with the ab trainer or lose ten kilograms . Nevertheless, it makes sense to write down a goal and to work towards it. With a training plan you stay motivated. On the Internet there are tips on the exercises and the multi-week training plan, some including nutrition plan.

A certain discipline should not be missed, if you want to get lean and stabilize the middle of the body . The self-imposed plan helps not to lose sight of the goal. However, it may be necessary to the training sessions to adapt if the body Alerts sends and it comes early on sore muscles or excessive stress.

❓When do you notice that the muscles are properly activated during exercise?

In order to stimulate the musculature of the abdomen, a physical effort is indispensable. Because only when the muscles are required, they can also grow. A pull in the abdominal muscles is a good sign. If the movements with the abdominal trainer become more difficult after a while, you should do one or two repetitions of the exercise before you stop moving.

As long as the training session can still be carried out properly, it is important to persevere. However, the exercises should not be completed with momentum . Through the last movements or repetitions , the muscles get the necessary incentive for the desired growth.

❓How do you start with abdominal muscle training and how do you complete it?

Before starting with abdominal muscle training, at least a short warm-up should take place. In this warm-up you go on the spot or do some squats, with the simultaneous circles of the arms. A few stretching exercises also help to prepare for abdominal muscle training. This gives the muscles better circulation and makes it easier for them to adapt to the upcoming muscle workload .

By warming up and loosening the danger of a later overexertion decreases , at the same time these introductory exercises are a good prevention against possible muscle soreness.

After the workout with the fitness machine follows the cool-down phase. The muscles that have been stressed during abdominal training are stretched and relaxed. This final phase is also very important for a good body sensation and counteracts subsequent pain.

There are some tips on how to warm up and cool down on the internet . In addition, one receives the corresponding information in many instructions, which are included in part with the ab trainer.

An experienced trainer can also notes provide for the training unit or training examples to help you. With a video it is easy for beginners to find the optimal rhythm , both for the warm-up phase as well as for the cool-down exercises.

"How do you know that posture and movements are correct?

Those with sporty USA clothes already have experience, know the signs of her body and feel the training, whether they the optimal position have taken and move correctly. For beginners, however, it makes sense to get help from an experienced professional. This is possible, for example, in a gym or in a specialist shop .

Also, the videos found on the Internet help with the first exercises with the abdominal trainer. The exercises are initially slowly repeated by the beginners . A coach can make corrections or give tips if necessary . The correct sequence of movements is essential for the successful use of the abdominal trainer.

That's why manufacturers often provide extensive exercise guides to help with training at home. In a test of the abdominal trainer , among other things, the test subjects examined the comprehensibility of these instructions . Those who want to use the device effectively, should read the  notes carefully and consider the individual advice.

To check whether the posture is correct, it helps to perform the exercises in front of a large mirror. So you keep track of the individual training sessions and can make small adjustments if necessary. After some time, the movements in flesh and blood, so that a constant control by looking in the mirror is no longer necessary.

❓ Can abdominal muscle training be influenced by increased body tension?

Strong body tension activates the muscles particularly well. When tensing the muscles in the stomach, in the legs and in the buttocks, the exerciser feel the increased intensity. By pulling the navel inwards during sit-up or during other exercises , for example, the deep muscles are also trained. The tension of the pelvic floor also has a positive effect on the training effect for the abdominal muscles.

❓Is it important to pay attention to breathing during training?

It is recommended to breathe in before starting the exercises , to exhale with the tension or exertion and to take another breath while relaxing. The breath should not be exaggerated, but should be as calm and even as possible. In this way, the exercises can be repeated several times without getting out of breath .

❓Should the abdominal trainer be used daily or should a weekly workout be enough?

The results of training with the abdominal trainer are particularly good if you do the exercises twice or three times a week. You should pause for at least one day between workouts. During this break , the muscles get the necessary rest time to focus on growth.

After a few weeks, it makes sense to vary the exercises to address the muscles in different ways and thus activated more activated. These new exercises result in altered stimuli that on the one hand provide a positive effect on the muscles and on the other counteract boredom.

❓How long should you train per unit?

The duration of the training phase depends on the physical condition or on the training level. For beginners already ten minutes with the abdominal trainer can be very exhausting. After a while muscle training can then gradually increase the time.

Anyone who thinks during training that he can not do another repetition , should try it just once or twice : This stimulus is important for the muscles, because it stimulates growth. If you train regularly, a workout timeof 20 minutes to half an hour is generally enough.

The manufacturers of the abdominal trainer and also the professional fitness trainers give recommendations on the duration of the training or on the appropriate workload. The training time also depends on the intensity of the exercises.

❓After which period can you expect a visible effect of the abdominal muscle trainer?

This question can not be clarified with a blanket answer , as various factors play a role. Anyone who exercises only with the abdominal trainer but does not change his diet , requires significantly longer for a visible success.

The change in the body fat percentage, depending on the original constitution, only appears at a difference of about 10% . In a well-combined workout of stamina and strength, as well as a change in diet , the first signs of a tighter body can be seen after about six weeks .

❓How can the motivation for abdominal muscle training be increased?

At the beginning, motivation in fitness and muscle training is still relatively high. After a certain period of time, however, it gradually decreases. This development can be recognized in every type of training . However, to stay motivated, there are some tips. A fitness diary helps to understand the physical improvement and to recognize even small successes.

Anyone who reviews this diary with his family puts himself under pressure. With the help of others, it's easier to stay disciplined. In general, it helps the exerciser when they are not alone. The joint training with the partner or a friend motivates enormously, especially if after a while small internal competitions take place.

❓Where can you find instructions for new exercises?

The classic exercises on the abdomen or with other abdominal trainers are sit-ups, crunches and dips. Videos and graphics are available on YouTube as well as on various other websites that inspire you to practice again and again. The fitness studios also provide good tips on which exercises make sense.

Useful accessories

Depending on the type of abdominal trainer, there are various accessories available that can optimize your workout . With weights or a dumbbell set the exercises are intensified. Other additional elements for the various training devices support an individual abdominal muscle training, which may be extended to other muscle groups.

THE tests of abdominal trainer also give instructions to other useful accessories, which is often not the scope of supply is one of the devices. So it may be necessary to buy a soft fitness mat to the floor trainers, which makes the workout more comfortable. A storage system or special brackets help to neatly store the training equipment.

For some abdominal trainers from the 2019 test , additional pads are available to help prevent pressure points. These pads can not only be used by beginners, but they also expand the application possibilities of the training equipment. With an additional leg support or shoulder pad, for example, the ab trainers can also be used by professionals for dumbbell exercises .

Those who set up their own training room, for the additional equipment for massageor to hang out an interesting addition.

Following abdominal muscle training, one relaxes one's body on these devices. A band massage device loosens the stressed muscles and promotes blood circulation, while the wall mounted devices for loosening and unhooking convince by a good relaxing effect .

With instructions in the form of notebooks, CDs or DVDs, the abdominal muscle training can be individually planned. The programs can be taken over directly or adapted to the respective wishes. With the help of an activity tracker the planning and control of the training becomes even easier.

Through the appropriate sensor , the fitness exercises are accurately recorded, taking into account the respective expenditure of energy, the muscle load and the calorie consumption. A special app completes this innovative equipment .

Additional items used in conjunction with the abdominal trainer or used in conjunction with other training methods can also be included in the extended range of accessories .

Also the sportswear is one of them. For beginners and as part of physiotherapy , garments with a supportive function may be useful.

Alternatives to the abdominal muscle trainer

In addition to the comparison test winners of the abdominal trainer and the simple products, there are several other alternatives that are advertised on the Internet and on TV . As light as the advertisementclaims, however, this muscle training is never.

Finally, increased effort is needed to stimulate the muscles to promote their growth. However, the abdominal strength training can be done without a device, even though normal sit-ups or crunches are far from being as effective as the same exercises on the abdominal trainer.

The sling trainers or sling trainers are an interesting concept that is finding more and more friends. This is a construction of ribbons and fasteners that is fixed to the wall . The exercising person hangs with his body in this sling trainer and tenses the muscles to perform certain movements.

The high body tension also stresses the abdominal muscles, even if they are addressed less targeted than the abdominal trainers. That's why the sling trainers are also referred to as full-body training devices .

Other devices work by swinging power, but they do not seem to be as mature as testimonials show. The weight benches and gymnastic equipment that can be found in fitness studios but can also be used at home are considered reliable, if not so effective.

For the targeted training of the abdominal muscles, there are the corresponding exercises. Although large-format devices such as cross trainer also have a positive effect on the entire physique and thus also on the slim figure, they exercise only a small proportion of the abdominal muscles.

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