10 Balance Board Reviews With Buying Guide

In this article we are going to do Balance Board reviews, of course also with a comparison of better products in a brief summary . This comparison chart helps you recognize the advantages and disadvantages at a glance. You can also see this year's bestsellers of Balance Boards, which we also consider very useful.

Because if a product is bought so often that it appears in the bestseller lists, then it cannot be a failure. In addition there are interesting tips for videos and other important sources of information are mentioned to you.

Balance Board Reviews 

Here is our best balance board reviews guide. Hopw you will help in your selection process.

Balance Board Reviews
  • Balance trainer ideal for surfers, skaters, wake boarders and anyone who wants to train their balance and coordination. Suitable for beginners and advanced.
  • For a pleasant and safe rolling behavior, the wooden roller is provided with two narrow rubber edges. Two strips of wood at the bottom of the board make it difficult to slip.
  • The Balance Board trains coordination, concentration and balance. Daily training strengthens the trunk muscles and improves posture.
  • The extra wide balance table allows the user a maximum weight of up to 100 kg.
  • Dimensions of the table approx. 60x34x2cm (LxWxH), roller: approx. 35x4cm Robust wood and high quality workmanship.
Wobble balance board
  • High quality paper with special surface for authentic surfing feeling, forget about the wooden rolls.
  • Different wheels and shapes (see text below) choose.
  • With extra long mat protection (166 cm, instead of 150 cm)
  • Feeling skateboard through thin design 27.5 cm wide and 75 cm long
  • Pro card with high quality glass pearl coating - made in Germany.
balance boarding
  • Use the Prosource balance board in your daily training routine, combine it with weightlifting, gymnastics, yoga or any other exercise.
  • Practice anywhere, regardless of the weather.
  • The Prosource balance board gives you the opportunity to improve your stability and your balance in order to practice other sports such as canoeing, cycling, martial arts, dancing, basketball, etc.
  • Board and roller game.
  • Handmade in Poland, with the best quality materials.
best balance board
  • PERFECT FOR BALANCE TRAINING: Improves core strength, posture, improves coordination, sense of balance and visual sense. Excellent for strengthening muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints.
  • RESISTANT, NON-SLIDING SURFACE: Premium wooden balance board with non-slip surface coating provides a secure grip for absolute safety. 39.5 cm in diameter large enough for both feet. It supports up to 150 kg.
  • ROTATION OF 360 DEGREES and inclination angle of 15 degrees: 360 degrees of rotation and up to 15 degrees of inclination, ideal for exercises from side to side, from front to back, stretched and circular.
  • RECOVERY OF INJURIES: This wooden balance board provides a stable system of rehabilitation and physical therapy to overcome an injury.
  • BUY NOW WITH CONFIDENCE. 1 Year Warranty. But if you are not 100% satisfied for any reason, simply return your Balance Board for a FULL REFUND without asking questions. Click the Add to cart button now. You will be happy to have done it!
balancing board
  •  FIT & FUN: Practice your coordination and balance with the Navaris anti-skid therapy disc. Only a sports article for countless training possibilities. It is ideal for adults and children.
  • SMALL AND FUNCTIONAL: The training device can be used simply and fun in physiotherapy, for example, to stimulate certain muscle groups. It is also a very useful supplement for yoga or pilates exercises.
  • FITNESS COACH: The balance board allows you to train problem areas, all while doing different postures. It comes with practical handles for transport and training!
  • CENTRAL POWER: This training device is suitable above all, to develop deep muscles in the trunk, by foot exercises or flexural variations.
  • SAFE: The grooved surface is combined with a non-slip coating on the bottom, this prevents the balance board from sliding.
balance board exercises
  • Product: medium density fiber balance board. 7 layers of wood fiber.
  • Training possibilities: the table can be used as support for different ball games or also for balance training alone. It is also suitable as an indoor training device for sports such as surfing, skateboarding, snow surfing, long board skating or rowing.
  • Successful training: with the skateboard you can train your sense of balance, your coordination and the interaction of different muscle groups. That way you can prevent injuries. In addition, you improve your leg, back and abdominal muscles very effectively.
  • Product features: approximately 78 cm x 19 cm x 11 cm (length x width x height). Wooden board: 1 cm thick and 9 layers. Color: as shown. Toilet. Maximum user weight: up to 150 kg.
  • Proven quality: you will receive a quality product from the POWRX house.
balance board
  • The therapeutic platform »Gyro« is an ideal accessory to improve strength, body coordination and balance. It is based on this principle: the muscles, especially the muscles of the torso, are forced to balance the imbalance caused by the movement of the balance board and return the balance to the body. This circular platform adapts to a wide variety of balance exercises. This light weight (approx. 1500 g) supports a maximum load of 120 kg.
  • In both daily life and training it is not always easy to maintain balance. Sometimes even the smallest distractions cause us to lose our balance. Individual balance training can help. Accessories such as the balance board cause instability in the body. The body must maintain balance through constant recalibration movements. This improves balance and coordination.
  • Thanks to its light green color and its non-slip surface, this therapeutic circular platform is not only ideal for training but also very attractive. The rubber bottom ensures the position while avoiding scratches on the floor. Its side handles allow a wide variety of uses. For example, this balance table can also be used as a support for push-ups, which intensifies the exercise due to the balancing movement it generates.
  • In Trideer, quality and functionality go hand in hand. Our balance boards are used by personal trainers, physiotherapists and rehabilitation specialists, but they are also ideal for home training. The "Gyro" circular platform is made of hard and robust plastic. Its non-slip surface provides a better grip when training. In addition, the surface nodule structure facilitates footwear training.
  • The care and conservation of our balance board are very simple. After training, simply clean the board with a damp cloth. No cleaning products are needed. Thanks to its low height of approx. 10.5 cm and its diameter of approx. 40 cm, this circular platform can be stored quickly and simply, for example, under a bed, in a dresser or in a closet, until we need to use it again.

Balance board reviews buying guide

We want to point out that in this case our experts did not organize a keyword test. However, after a thorough investigation and a detailed analysis of customer evaluations, experience reports and OCU test reports, we can make a recommendation with a clear conscience. Once we have fought through the wealth of information, we have the knowledge to show you the best products in the Balance Tables area.

Based on the best list you can see our winners of the Balance Tables test, which were determined by our experts based on the bestsellers of the corresponding category. When creating the best list, our experts review customer ratings. Therefore, you can be sure that no positive unilateral affirmation led to the result. If you know how to correctly interpret the pros and cons of other users, it is not difficult to identify the right product.

Buy Balance Tables - you should know these tips

If you decide to buy Balance Tables, take your time to consider the following points, which our test experts have prepared for you on a checklist.

Taking into account the list and our recommendation, you will not only save the effort of your own research , but also cash. Nothing is more annoying than discovering after the article does not fit your own wishes.

Manufacturer: Are there reputable manufacturers for Balance Boards? Good brands are also usually good products.

Test report: Are there serious comments about Balance tables? Good reviews not only praise a product from heaven, but also describe possible defects.

Size: In what sizes is the product available? Is it suitable for me or for my intended use?

OCU: What test result comes from Germany's most popular testers to Balance Tables? Here you can be sure that you have performed the tests independently.

Test results: Which manufacturer is the winner of the Balance Tables test? Do I already know other products of this manufacturer and I am satisfied with them?

Price: Where is the best value for money?

Comparison: A price comparison is always worth it! One does not want to unnecessarily spend a lot of money on a product if the same is cheaper elsewhere.

To get the best product for you, you must use the checklist to compare and evaluate the products Balance tables. If you really want to make your own comparison test, our experts recommend that you order several products at the same time. Only in a direct comparison can you find the winner of your individual test.

What is meant by the sense of balance?

Without the sense of balance man could not orient in space, let alone maintain his posture . Balance, both as a physical and mental condition, is important to managing life.

In addition to physical fitness, inner harmony also enables performance, balance and joy, a balance of mental and physical balance means well-being and successful coping with everyday life.

Several single senses determine the sense of balance . On the one hand, vesicular perception is needed for the determination of gravity and acceleration, on the other hand the visual perception for the orientation in space is needed, last but not least the sense of touch and depth sensitivity are needed.

 In order to keep the balance with the whole body, all balance organs are used, which are in the inner ears. Equally important are the sense of muscle and seeing and recognizing the environment.

Basically, the sense of balance is a mechanical sense in order to perceive one's own situation as well as other bodies and conditions in space . The constancy of gravity is the first and fixed benchmark.

To use the sense of balance requires the sense organs. These are provided with sensory cells through which stimuli can be triggered and recorded.

 Here, among other things, information is forwarded to the central nervous system , including the position of the body to the direction of gravity and a change in equilibrium, whether in delayed or accelerated form.

The balance of the body can also be trained and improved. The whole body gets better stability and can react faster to circumstances.

Likewise, the entire posture is positively influenced, the coordination improved. In these exercises, the Balance Board is a great way to help relax and relax the muscles.

Especially after a hard day at work not only resting is helpful, so that the stress subsides . Internal restlessness is not eliminated. On the other hand, training on the board can give you new strength and boost your concentration. The sense of bruise dissolves much faster.

Balance training for a better balance

Exercises for better balance can be done with or without equipment. Important is a soft and unstable surface or directly a mat provided for it. The latter is also useful when using a balance board , if the material is harder and thus more security is ensured when the movements on the board.

Everyone is initially insecure, begins as wobbly as the board and will have to work with supports, including his own leg or a wall. Gradually, your own safety and body feeling will settle and improve. The gymnastics mat is nevertheless an additional help .

The balance training is comparable to the stabilization training , whereby especially the deep muscles  and the core muscles are strengthened.

With the balance training, the entire posture can be influenced. Simple warm-up exercises are standing on one leg with the upper body held in an altered, mostly pre-tilted position or the arms stretched out.

The unstable surface or mat cause the slightest irritation, a balance board is already a step further and offers more applications.

It is a balanced way to improve balance . It can also help with balance disorders that can be resolved by training with the board.

In most cases, such problems are due to circulatory disturbances in the central nervous system or possible deficits of the organs of balance in particular. Such conditions are also caused by stress. The side effects are dizziness and problems in posture.

The training of the balance can also increase the performance itself. Who z. B. more often with the feet kinks or crashes, can improve the situation by balancing exercises . Exercise and balance control are also important for the entire musculature.

Why many athletes rely on balance training and the balance board, is simply because not only all moves and spins can be practiced, but an improved balance in addition also prevents injury .

Spraying or falling can thus be prevented, body stability and responsiveness can be improved.

It should be kept in mind here that the balanced training on the Balance Board not only demands the muscles, requires the footwork and means a particularly effective depth training, but in the exercises also the brain is trained to respond to circumstances and situations faster , The entire concentration is challenged and intensified.

Some balance boards are similar to a skateboard and can therefore be used similarly. The exercises and jumps are practiced on a safe surface and can then later be implemented on the skateboard and on the street.

In addition, the physical balance achieved on the exercise circle can also bring about an inner balance . Humans feel safer, appear more self-confident, content with their environment.

 The whole posture says a lot about the person and their appearance. Anyone who moves confidently, has a healthy attitude and is firmly established, will reach his goals more quickly and will also have the necessary strength to implement all his ideas and requirements in his professional life.

Sensoboard vs. Roll board vs. Balance Board practice test

The manufacturers of the Sensoboard conducted a practical test and direct comparison between three product variants of a balance board in 2018 .

 Since Sensoboard initiated the test itself, the test winner is of course no surprise ( Sensobaord ). Nevertheless, you could see in the practice test a few interesting things.

The skateboard needs the most balance and is very difficult to control. It was not possible for two athletic testers to carry out the required exercises properly in the practical test.

As other skateboard tests and videos show, a skateboard is more suitable for circus performers than for the normal sports person at home.

The easiest way to train was on the Sensoboard . It did have a lot of power, but you can do exercises on one leg. The Sensoboard was invented in 2010 and patented worldwide.

It is aimed primarily at surf and board athletes. Due to its special construction, it should swing in all directions. The fact that the Balance Board Sensoboard is still attached with additional welts, but it is not so difficult to train with it, as with a balance board (therapy gyroscope) or skateboard. A sensoboard is very expensive. There are models in various designs, starting from about 300 euros.

The manufacturer Sport-Thieme presented its Balance Board Sport Thieme Deluxe 2020 on YouTube . The sporty young man, who praised the Balance Board as an ideal exercise device, has a lot of problems to stay on the board and has to rest his head.

According to the manufacturer, the Balance Board Deluxe is a category 3 sports device: competitive sport. For beginners (1) and normal sports (2) it was not suitable.

If you look at Amazon for the most frequently reviewed Balance Boards and read the reviews, you realize that neither surfers nor competitive athletes belong to the main customers here.

On the contrary, for example, the Balance Board SportyAnis and the Balance Board SportPlus are mainly bought by people with knee, back or foot ailments for therapeutic purposes.

If a balance kit is too demanding, you will often feel better with the High Pulse XXL Balance Pad . It is a thick mat on which the balance can also be trained, but according to the buyer, it is not that difficult.

Why is muscle building necessary?

As an optimal home workout device , the Balance Board also known as balance disk is also important for muscle building and individual strength training. Among them is no longer understood only the weight-lifting in gyms, but just the training of different and natural processes of movements through special exercises and gymnastics.

Through this kind of strength training, muscles are gradually built up and strengthened . The body is tighter overall and can be so toned. Losing body fat is also possible.

The more muscle a person has in the total mass, the more calories have to be burned . In addition, the entire holding apparatus is built, that is, the bones, ligaments and tendons, which is why the training with the Balance Board then also against falls and sprains is good, on the other hand for back pain or postural damage causes improvement.

What is a balance board and how does it work?

The balance board is a home workout or sports equipment , which is also referred to as Indoboard, therapy gyroscope or, quite Germanized, as a balance or wobble board.

The designs of the models are different, as well as the material properties and shapes of the devices. Nevertheless, with all boards always the same way the deep muscles and the sense of balance are strengthened.

The board usually consists of two, not firmly connected elements , with which the balance can be kept different and trained. Either it is an elongated roll on which the board sits, or a ball with a round or oblong surface for the stand.

Here, the board with the entire body, similar to the surfboard or surfboard, held and balanced, which requires some skill. Especially beginners will have to practice first to stay on the board . It tilts to all sides as well as backwards or forwards.

Tipping must be balanced with the entire body and the right leg posture , which requires concentration. Only when the body weight is evenly distributed on the floor, can be on the board, without losing the grip or put it into his tilting movements.

But the right feeling will set in quickly and can also be implemented in a playful way . In addition to the actual muscle training so the ambition is challenged. Nice is also the use of the board with several people who challenge each other, for example as a game, who can hold the longest on the board.

The other variant is a round board with a hemisphere mounted firmly on it . This can be used in two ways. On the one hand, the surface can rest on the ground and the ball, the material is unstable, serves as a support surface for various exercises, or the hemisphere is on the ground and the round board is used as a training base, eg. B. to stand on it and to keep the balance.

As the boards are different and offer larger or smaller surfaces , it becomes apparent that the narrower the standing surface, the more difficult the exercises become. So the exercises can be increased in their difficulty levels, which makes the Balance Board for a very versatile use possible.

What is the coordination training with the Balance Board?

To train the coordination is the alpha and omega to perform targeted movements . These skills can be improved, while motion programs with high-performance execution.

The movement requirements in humans are determined by coordinative skills . These differ in seven different ways, in the equilibrium, orientation, rhythm, coupling, differentiation, reaction and conversion ability.

Learning new techniques is only possible through coordinative skills. These usually develop between the ages of 6 and 12, but can be trained time and again regardless of age. Especially with the aging, the performance of such movements is necessary , even if not great sports is driven.

The coordination thus determines the entire interaction of brain as a controlling organ and the muscles as executive organs of the movement process, is responsible for controlling, learning and adjusting the movements, so that z. B. motor properties such as endurance and flexibility are possible.

Balanced coordination training can be used to improve or maintain the mobility of everyday life, to optimize posture, to protect against malpractice, to avoid pain and to stabilize movement.

Since the force develops within the muscle via the muscle cells and the nerve impulses activated for it, this can also increase by intramuscular coordination training. As a result, less energy is needed and consumed for the action, and at the same time, performance is gradually improved. In addition, the spine is stabilized, the sensorimotor and proprioception improved, the responsiveness increased.

The exercises on the board are designed in such a way that such movements are not yet automated by the body, ie they are executed unconsciously. This also challenges the corresponding regions in the brain and re-trains them. Likewise, the speed of the movement is part of the coordination program . It is stimulated differently, executed particularly slowly or quickly.

Depending on the person, whether untrained, athlete or senior, the exercises can be tailored to the needs. Also as a therapeutic method again completely different exercises are necessary than in the fun implementation at home.

Advantages & Applications

Play and fun

The Balance Board is one of the sports and exercise equipment, so the transition to a gym is not necessary. The strength training and the individual exercises can be performed comfortably on your own board at home.

 Exercises and instructions are available as video formats, which are often included as additional accompanying material in the scope of delivery of a Balance Board, but can also be purchased or found on the Internet. (Also we introduce in our comparison some important exercises for the Balance Board. For more details, see the point: "The 5 best exercises on the Balance Board")

Important are exercises that do not strain the joints and ligaments too much. So z. For example, simply bending your knees overstretches the joint, or improperly performed exercises can worsen the actual problems, including more back pain.

The unstable surface that is placed, set, laid or supported on the Balance Board challenges muscle power in the sense that it compensates for instability in the exercises. The response and coordination are improved, the concentration promoted, as the exercises should be done very consciously and with full attention.

It is advantageous that the balance board can be used almost everywhere and at any time. Even for people who have little time, the board is ideal. A training time of 10 to 15 minutes a day is perfectly sufficient to achieve the desired effect and to strengthen the sense of balance.

Sports and training

In some sports and skill exercises, it depends on the motor skills, coordination and balance. In addition, the endurance is trained.

Surfer, skier or skateboarder and snowboarder must posture and balance to secure the board under their feet, overcome obstacles and bumps, use waves to hold on the board and adjust their movements to the water or the road. This requires a dry training to strengthen the deep muscles.

In addition, these sports are highly dependent on weather and season, which is why the balance board is a compensation, if the actual sport can not be exercised. In addition to improving concentration, training on the board also always limits the risk of injury. The safety that is achieved on the Balance Board, the attitude that can be so perfected, makes the actual sport easier and more effective.

The Balance Board is also used by professional golfers. Through the exercises, the particularly quiet state and the correct tee can be improved. Alternatively, boards with oscillating mechanism are also used here.

Likewise climbers, rowers and climbers can use the Balance Board to improve their own coordination and practice dry for the actual sport, which then has to be implemented on the water or on the mountain wall.

 Especially hill and mountain wall climbing requires a fast reactivity and the necessary sense of balance. The Balance Board is an additional training device for the actual muscle work.

Therapy and treatment

In the field of physiotherapy, the Balance Board is one of the first devices to train compensatory movements and to improve body awareness again. After accidents, strokes, intervertebral disc problems or knee and leg discomfort, the board is used optimally and is included as a complex training process in the physiotherapy program.

The type of model alone varies, as competitive athletes who may have injured themselves, or older people who just need to rebalance their sense of balance, will require different exercises that also address different muscle and brain areas. The level of difficulty of the board makes a lot of. The mobility is increased again, strengthened lean muscle and used the board as a preventive measure.

Especially suitable for the therapy are air cushions, balance balls and therapy gyros.

What types of balance boards are there?

Balance board as a role

This model is a roller, usually made of hard rubber, PVC or plastic molded. It can be used for indoor or outdoor use and provides enough stability through the material. The role can also be combined with other devices or used for self-massage or faculty role.

The balance role is used to train different muscle groups so that it is suitable for beginners, advanced, competitive athletes and for therapeutic purposes and achieves significant improvements, especially in terms of muscles and fascia.

Balance board as a top

Balance and balance exercises are particularly easy to implement with this model. It consists of a round surface with a textured surface on which the grip is stabilized and slipping is not possible. Below is a hemisphere on which the surface is balanced.

In addition to the actual areas of application such as gymnastics, yoga, competitive sports, home training and aerobics, the brain is always trained, which is why this model is particularly helpful for rehabilitation and balance disorders, since it is also trained by the shaking the brain, the accustomed to the process and so the processes can control better again.

The surface is made of hardened plastic and is very stable. The diameter varies between 40 and 50 centimeters, allows a weight up to 120 kilograms. Coordination and response are visibly enhanced by this kind of balance board.

Balance Board as a fitness disc

The Disc Balance Board consists of two plates, a pivot bearing and a rubber element in between, which allows the flexibility of the board. The stability is higher than on simple balance cushions or half shells, the stand better possible. Alternatively, there are balance discs, which, instead of a second footprint, have two pedestals. There are also rollers underneath the disc and surface for additional movement.

As a result, important basic exercises can be carried out, the Balance Disc are used versatile, including as a gyroscope, rocker or rotary plate. Such exercises promote coordination, train concentration, stabilize the body and the entire musculo-skeletal system.

The board can therefore be used in hobby and sports as well as rehabilitation. A maximum load is usually given with a body weight of up to 100 kilograms.

This model also strengthens the back and abdominal muscles, trains the spine, and stabilizes the joints and ligaments. Also tensions can be solved that way. Many manufacturers offer an enclosed video to perform the exercises, which simplifies training.

 An audible signal then confirms by the board itself when the exercise was performed properly, e.g. B. the weight distribution or balancing stood optimally. As a result, one's own posture can be improved, the training result can be controlled.

Balance board as soft rubber cushion with or without nubs

The Balance cushion is a round or wedge-shaped, made of plastic or rubber air cushion, which makes the balancing very gentle. Both for lying, sitting and standing exercises, this model is excellent and usually has a smooth or textured surface. If this structure is a nub, the pillow can also be used as an alternative to massages.

The cushion is inflated with air, whereby the degree of difficulty of balancing can be increased by more or less air. Especially in back problems and herniated discs, the balance can be trained here, is health-promoting and relieves tension.

The models are available in various sizes and colors from manufacturers, including blue, red, yellow, green and black.

Balance board as a ball

The ball offers the largest surface of all balance boards, usually has a diameter between 60 and 70 centimeters. By design, shape, material and workmanship, therefore, a higher weight is allowed, which can be up to 150 kilograms.

The board is a large, rounded hemisphere made of PVC and plastic. On this ball, the balance is trained, so the board has no actual standing surface, unless the ball is turned over and the floor used as a floor space.

Stabilizing, balancing and strength training can be achieved through the ball yielding in the area, body posture and body control can be improved. Here, too, the abdominal and back muscles are strengthened, in addition the cardiovascular system is stimulated.

The sizes of the ball vary. Even smaller models are available, which then have a diameter of 20 to 40 centimeters. A slightly expensive variant is the trampoline ball of the same format, in which, in addition to the training of muscle and deep muscles, the trampoline effect is achieved and higher jumps are possible because the floor surface is non-slip and the surface is dynamic yet stable.

Other devices are designed as a compact step and training device, have a flat and a curved side, in addition to exercise tubes that extend the exercises on a rubber band targeted on shoulder, chest and arm area. This increases the body perception, strengthens the muscles and allows numerous strength and endurance exercises.

All ball models require the inflated surface to be inflated. Depending on the amount of air, the level of difficulty can be increased, the surface can also be made very pliable, so that the stop is a little more exhausting. An associated air pump is usually included in the delivery.

Balance board as foam mat or rubber pad

This model is the simplest variant, particularly gentle on the joints and therefore suitable for easier balance exercises. It is rectangular in shape, usually in different colors, made of foam or rubber, is unstable and gives in to leg and body work by the material.

This improves coordination, but also facilitates simple training in rehabilitation. Strength, stamina and motor skills can be strengthened, an equilibrium and reaction training take place.

The standing surface is non-slip and abrasion-resistant. Some pads are also oval-shaped and vary in height. In addition to the home and sports sector, the areas of application are exercise therapy with seniors and children, use in fitness programs, yoga schools, facilities for the disabled and physiotherapy.

Balance board as a hard plastic disc

This model is similar in appearance to a UFO. It is a spherical pedestal with fixed mounted tread, which usually has two handles, so that z. As well as exercises such as pushups are possible.

The board works like a top, so the movements can be coordinated. The tread has a non-slip surface, is usually structured, the bottom is soil-friendly, also non-slip and rubberized.

The construction of the Balance Board permanently forces the muscles to balance the imbalance caused by standing or moving on the tread. The fine motor skills are improved, enabling inter- and intramuscular coordination. Likewise, this board serves the pelvic and back muscle training.

The balance training improves the overall posture, can be useful for beginners and advanced, also used in various rehabilitation exercises. The grips also activate and strengthen muscle areas in the shoulders, arms and chest, so both coordination and strength training can take place.

The diameter of the standing surface is usually between 35 and 40 centimeters, the maximum permissible weight is 100 kilograms.

Alternatively, there are also models that are made of wood and very stable in this board. These are slightly higher in price, often also have an excellent workmanship. The durability of such models is of course slightly longer than those made of plastic.

Indo or Balance board with wooden standing surface and loose roll

The Indo Board works like a seesaw. It is usually made of wood, has an oval and oblong shape as a board and is placed on a roll on which the balance must then be maintained by means of the standing surface.

The effect comes closest to surfing and skateboarding, which is why this model is particularly suitable for such athletes. Instead of wheels, the role then serves the purpose of maintaining balance and strengthening the individual muscle parts.

The Indo Board can be used both indoors and outdoors. Some manufacturers offer an additional softpad to the board. All components can be used individually, the role z. B. as a faculty role.

The roll length is usually between 40 and 50 centimeters. The material of the board is pine wood, the role compliant PVC, the poison and allergy-free, it also contains no chlorides.

The board or the footprint itself has a length of 75 centimeters, which makes the effect particularly effective. Balance, agility, stamina and coordination are practiced. Frequent users are skaters, surfers, snowboarders, skaters, skiers, gymnasts and climbers.

Balance Board as E-Sport by Wii-Nintendo

Not only is it possible to play simple video games with the "Nintendo" console from the Japanese manufacturer, but the Wii also allows many sports to be sent directly into the living room for both fun and actual physical activity.

The implementation is easy. Through input devices or various boards, the respective sports are playfully simulated and rotation or acceleration pulses detected by the device, the z. B. in dance, tennis or bowling are needed. The width of the reception between console and executed movement is often even several meters.

The "Fit Balance Board" from Wii is an additional scale that has four different sensors. If the weight is shifted, the pulses are recognized by the console or forwarded to it via Bluetooth. Foot movements will be visible on the screen and can even help you lose weight.

Various games and programs must then be executed by the user, such. For example, the version "Zumba Fitness", in which Latin-American dances and aerobics practiced, basic movements can be learned and the degree of difficulty can be increased.

Another version is "My Fitness Coach", a slightly less exciting variation that shows off ordinary aerobic exercises that are then imitated on the board.

In each case, a personal profile can be created or set, how much weight should be taken in a certain period of time. Through the console and screen, a personal training program can be built that incorporates goals and results, even measures heart rate and body weight burn. The allowable weight of the "Wii Fit Board" is 150 kilograms, so it is also suitable for overweight people.

Advantage of the Wii and the board connected to the console is the fun of the whole thing. All physical effort is playfully implemented and expressed in pictures.

The variety of programs and exercises is impressive. The repertoire includes triceps, balance training, dance, boxing, muscle training, yoga exercises, stretching or twists. The workout can also be filmed, the image can be transferred directly to the screen or TV, so that one's own attitude can be perceived and individually improved. The calories are always counted and the weight distribution measured, so that the body is not overworked.

If you do not have a console, you have to dig a bit deeper into the bag. Nevertheless, this balance board is also worthwhile in its applications.

The Balance Board Test 2020 - Under these conditions, the devices were tested in tests:

The models have been tested and selected in various tests based on various criteria. Particularly important in tests were the following conditions that were  eligible for a  Balance Board Test 2020 :

Distance to the ground

The height between the floor and the floor space caused the versatility of the exercise, the stability and increasing the level of difficulty. The distance should be a bit higher, so that movements with greater vibrational power in practice tests are possible or the balance can be kept even in more difficult conditions in a test. Nevertheless, the distance to the ground should not be too high, so that risk of injury could occur. A balance of size, weight, surface area and ball design was important in each test.

Exercise possibilities and training levels

The balance boards were tested in their various training options, both in the balance and coordination area as well as in the versatility of the models themselves, z. Example, if a hemisphere was present in a field test, the board could be used from both sides and similar conditions.

Some boards had multiple levels of training in many tests, others were flexible in the air they were inflated and could increase the level of difficulty. All this has been tested extensively in tests.


In one test both smooth and textured surface models were tested. It was important in this test that the standing surface was non-slip .

The test subjects tested the surfaces with bare feet, socks and sneakers. The hold had to be given in the test always, especially advantageous were devices in which the surface was also used for massage purposes, eg. B. by knobs or a similarly arranged structure.

Maximum load

For all tests Balance Boards were chosen, which allowed a weight between 100 and 150 kilograms. Some models were also suitable for higher weight classes, but were rather irrelevant for our comparison.

We tried to select models that allowed average weight so that the boards could be used by both athletes and obese people without risk of injury or limited execution.

Material properties and processing

The models tested by testers should be of high quality in processing, especially when it comes to balance pillows and therapy circles. The material should be both sturdy and yielding, with good traction. If wood was the foundation, the board had to be very well made and sanded.

Stability of balance boards

The testers were able to determine in the models that the stability was usually particularly high when the board was designed simply, for. As in the half-shells or the production of a wooden gyro with ball for balance. Since the balance was only due to stability and concept and exercises were possible, stability was one of the most important conditions in all tests.

Acoustic signals

Models that gave an audible signal in a test once the exercises were done correctly were interesting alternatives to the traditional models. In some devices, the signal was in the field test by cracking, in others by a sound. Most versions in various tests, however, were without acoustic confirmation.

What should I look for when buying a balance board?

Before selecting and purchasing the appropriate balance board, a few points should be considered to make the purchase decision easier. The use and purpose of the board plays a role in the shape, design and size of the exercise to perform the appropriate exercises. In case of physical limitations or herniated discs, it may also be advisable to consult with a doctor, which board is particularly well suited to remedy the problems.

  •  material properties
  •  surface
  •  Height and angle of inclination

Certainly, the material is an important criterion to ensure not only the stability but also the long durability and good workmanship. Balance boards are made of rubber, PVC plastic, wood or a mixture of different materials. When it comes to the balance feeling itself, wood is z. B. very well suited to train the sense of balance. Not only the standing surface, but also the hemisphere are mostly made of wood. Important here is a surface that is non-slip.

This is always the case with plastic and rubber versions. In most cases, the surface is also structured and offers even more slip resistance and stability. The latter models are also very effective and easy to clean, usually only wiping with a damp cloth.

Some models are very gentle on the soil, others should be supplemented by an additional floor mat or yoga mattress.

Sizes of the models

Also the size plays a role for the purchase. The balance boards are available with a diameter of about 20 to 70 centimeters. The average is 40 centimeters and is quite sufficient to use the board versatile. In addition to the actual use, the clearing is also a condition. Of course, the smaller versions are more space-saving. The larger the diameter of the standing surface, the larger the leg distance can be, making the exercises easier. Especially large models, such as B. boards with rubber ball, also require more spacious places.


If you want to be sure on the Balance Board, you should choose a structured area. The models, which make balance training possible either through air, or consist of a simple board with a roller, have a smooth surface. The grip is more difficult here, the claim to the sports equipment, however, also higher and more versatile. For beginners and physiotherapy users, the ball and gyro models are very good, for athletes and advanced the wood designs and board-roller models, since the balance is mainly trained by a lot of concentration and posture. Also, the structure of the surface plays a role in how the exercises can be performed, whether, for. B. barefoot or with socks.

Height and angle of inclination

If you want to do more demanding exercises, you should also pay attention to the angle of inclination. The higher the ball is below the standing surface, the larger the tilt surface can be, the more difficult the training. The distance between floor and standing surface determines the inclination and then requires more skill than z. For example, a simple balance cushion or a balance ball. Rattling boards in turn are more difficult in implementing the exercises by taking advantage of the role. Of course, the wall can always be used to help, a helping hand or other means of maintaining your grip.


Who takes it exactly, can also fall back on models that guarantee a high guarantee. Some Balance Boards offer a warranty of up to 30 years.

Brief information on leading manufacturers:

Major brands and manufacturers of Balance devices are " Bad Company ", " Eduplay ", " Airex ", " Turtle ", "Basit" " Everlast ", " Sport-Tec ", " Sissel ", " Gonge ", " 66Fit " or " Pedalo ".

Internet vs. Retailers: Where is the purchase of a balance board worth?

The purchase of a balance board is possible both in the specialized trade as well as on the Internet , whereby the selection on the Internet is somewhat higher, since different offerers and brands are manageable at a glance and the details for the individual models are described in great detail.

Of course, the many customer reviews are also helpful when buying online , so that the models show their advantages and disadvantages already during use. In addition, online retailers can offer more discounts and lower pricing as they save on staff and rent. Of course, the transport also falls away due to the delivery and keeps very low in costs or is often also free within Germany.

Worth knowing & advice

The history of rehabilitation

Especially for therapeutic purposes, the Balance Board is particularly good and improves posture and perception, regenerates muscles and the sense of balance in disorders. Rehabilitation is an important measure , not only in injury and recovery of the body, but also as a training measure in old age.

Even though there were prosthetic feet under Herodotus , the actual history of rehabilitation begins in the 15th century. Sources speak of a reinstatement to the full legal status in the community to help people to reorient themselves.

This form of rehabilitation was still holistic, both as medical recovery and as a reintegration back into society. Most of these were physical disabilities, both accidental damage and birth-related restrictions. The chances of survival were very low, the infant mortality much higher than today.

A first attempt at rehabilitation took place in Spain in the 16th century, where deaf people were taught to read and write. Similar projects started in France in the 17th century . In Germany, a deaf and dumb school was opened in the 18th century, which dealt with whether French sign language or the German spoken language was better suited to make life easier for people, whereby the decision then fell to the combination of both applications. The blind pedagogy was also implemented, mainly initially in France, England and Austria. In the 19th century, braille was invented and simplified reading for the blind.

Crippling care in Germany took place through rehabilitation in educational institutions. Here, medicine was combined with orthopedics and the physiotherapy found its way into these areas, whereby in addition to the physical stabilization further disabled people were cared for. Exercise and balance exercises were an important asset in the field of rehabilitation, which was also evident during the two world wars, where the movement and sports activity was also implemented in the military hospitals.

In the meantime, targeted measures and exercises are being used in medicine to ensure the recovery of activity restrictions, illnesses, disorders and disabilities, or to minimize conditions of this kind, so that the persons return to normal working and social life. Various therapies and the conscious training of posture and muscle building are indispensable side effects.

Numbers, data, facts about the balance board

The 5 best exercises on the Balance Board

Basic Exercise1 - Standing on the Balance Board:

Both legs are placed on the unstable surface and tense the body. The best way to do this is to focus on a specific point in space that is immovable. Who does not find the stop immediately, can take the wall to help and support themselves carefully. It trains the leg and back muscles, the jump and knee joints, as well as the Achilles tendon. The arms are slightly stretched out and the stability of one's own posture is strengthened. Care should be taken alone on a straight trunk, but without getting into the hollow back. The back is optimally trained and not overloaded.

Exercise 2 - Standing on one leg:

If the sense of balance is strengthened and the grip on the board relatively safe, the exercise can be performed with the lifting of one leg. The leg is raised either angled or stretched backwards, depending on which exercise is easier. The leg is repeated 15 times per leg, then the leg muscles relaxed. The goal is to strengthen the entire musculature and the sense of balance.

Exercise 3 - Balance with eyes closed:

Standing on the Balance Board is maintained with your eyes closed. The lack of sense for the perception of the environment influences the balance. Optionally, the exercise can be enhanced with the lifting of a leg.

Exercise 4 - Standing Exercise with Rotation:

Standing on the balance board, the arms are pre-stretched and aligned parallel to each other. With outstretched arms is now slowly turned to the right, the position held sideways for about 5 seconds then taken back the starting position. the arms stay outstretched throughout the exercise. The same will now be done to the left. On each side the rotation should take place 5 times. This strengthens the abdominal and neck muscles, improves the sense of balance and stresses the leg and arm muscles.

Exercise 5 - Exercise: Crunches

To do this, sit on the Balance Board, with your heels pressed to the floor and your toes pulled up. At the same time, the chin is pulled in the direction of the breastbone, with the shoulders pressed down. The neck must remain loose.

Now the upper body is lifted, while exhaling, the shoulders turned to the right and left, so that the entire body turns with. The arms serve as an equilibrium balance and are guided past the respective knee, so that always a slight inclination takes place. When you jump back to the previous starting position is inhaled. The exercise is performed 10 times per page. It is important to keep the position short while leaning forward while continuing to breathe. The purpose of the exercise is to strengthen the abdominal and neck muscles.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Balance Board

How much weight does the Balance Board carry?

The use of a balance board strengthens the balance, but is tested for safety reasons with a maximum weight. Most boards of this type are intended for a maximum weight of 120 kilograms.

Some Balance Board are specially designed for overweight and therefore also provided with a higher weight, so between 150 and 180 kilograms. The capacity of the board should always be respected before buying, so that it does not come to unforeseen difficulties.

Does the Balance Board help you lose weight?

Since the exercise with the board different muscle groups are trained and the entire body gets into a tension that is simultaneously loosened again and again, so excess fat can be gradually reduced. This works especially well on the legs, on the buttocks, on the hips and on the stomach.

Therefore, the Balance Board is well-suited for losing weight and as a companion to a diet. It can specifically reduce fat and, in the case of obesity, facilitate coordination exercises that help to lose weight. It can always be considered that the Balance Board can be used in all positions. B. also for the abdominal muscle training. (See also our suggested exercises under the point: "The 5 best exercises on the Balance Board".)

Here alone the permissible weight on the board must be considered and if necessary resorted to a model, which also allows a higher weight class.

What are the health benefits of using a Balance Board?

Especially with frequently sedentary activities or a sedentary lifestyle, the deep muscles can recede and have to be rebuilt. The Balance Board also trains less stressed deep muscles. In addition, the ability to react, the coordination of the body and the associated sense of balance are improved, the tendons, ligaments and joints in the legs strengthened. Furthermore, the muscles are loosened, a balance of physical sensation created injuries prevented. Also tension can be solved with exercises on the board, z. For example, pain in the back.

Can the Balance Board also be used for tricks and moves?

Depending on which model is used, practicing moves and spins is also possible with the Balance Board. Just jumps can, similar to the skateboard perform, but require the experienced athletes.

Beginners should limit themselves to pure coordination exercises and moderate training. The board is designed primarily to strengthen endurance, posture and balance.

What do I have to consider as a beginner?

It's hard to get started, the first step on the board will not be solid and effortless. In addition, the body has to get used to balancing new movement elements.

It makes sense, therefore, first, when using the Balance Board on a wall to support to secure the grip and to gain a cautious feeling for the movements Also Nordic Walking poles can be helpful to not lose the grip immediately. Gradually, the feeling for the required balance will adjust.

It is important to always kneel as soon as you balance on the board. The exercises should also be done with good sneakers or, even better, barefoot. So the hold can be found optimally.

The arms serve as a compensating movement, can be lifted. Too much rowing alone does not make sense, as the entire movement is mainly steered by the legs and feet.

With increasing safety on the balance board then the degree of difficulty of the movements can be increased, for. B. a leg bent or squat. Also the training with closed eyes is a new challenge.

What is meant by depth sensitivity?

In connection with the Balance Board is often stated that in addition to the better balance and muscle training and depth sensitivity is strengthened.

The term refers to the perception of the body of certain stimuli, depending on the associated receptors.

Deep sensibility is often referred to as the sixth sense, much like the other five senses of hearing, seeing, smelling, feeling, and tasting. With the depth sensitivity, the position, movement and power sense are controlled.

The sense of direction conveys information that determines the position of the body in space, but also the position of all joints and the head posture, the sense of power, which is particularly improved with the Balance Board, provides information about the tension and the condition of muscles and their associated tendons. The sense of motion lets the brain recognize, among other things, in which direction its own body is moving.

In short, depth sensitivity means nothing other than the self-perception of body and movement, including changes in position or position. Whether the person is sitting or standing, which posture he has or putting his foot on, all this is controlled by this sense.

For this necessary receptors are z. In the articular capsules, muscle and tendon spine, periosteum and ligaments. They react to deformations, changes and pressure. Signals are transmitted via the proprioceptors to the brain, so that this makes the decisions, whether z. B. a change in the position of the body is necessary. On the Balance Board, the execution of movement commands, although unconscious, will be improved.

If the sensibility to depth is disturbed, neurological problems and a sensation of physical sensation occur. This can happen after herniated discs, strokes or similar neurological diseases. Hypersensitivity and numbness are some of the side effects that can then be lessened by additional massage and balance training. These conditions are implemented in physiotherapy and require accordingly an experienced therapist.

Useful accessories

All exercises on the Balance Board can be accompanied and combined with other exercise equipment. However, beginners should not overuse the board and try step by step to keep their balance and improve coordination skills.

Who are advanced on the board and balance can keep with your eyes closed, stand on one leg or bend your knees, you can now train your arms and shoulder muscles as well. This is done by weights, dumbbells or a swinging rod.

For some devices or as a general hedge is a gym or yoga mat useful , as it not only prevents injury but also protects the floor on which the device is used. There is also more slip resistance and the Balance Board can be used safely.

Alternatives to the Balance Board

As an alternative to the Balance Board or Balance Cushion, massagers that are similarly constructed, including B. in the form of a roll.

Massage cushions or facial rolls have an area on which to sit or stand . Such model variants may also be useful for balance exercises if the material allows it.

Naturally, it can also be balanced on a horizontal bar or in the open countryside on house walls. However, the Balance Board offers a lot more security and versatility at home. The muscle training is better strengthened here.

Final Verdict

The Balance Board trains the balance and helps to better body perception. In our best list, our team presents the best boards and has taken by reading various tests in addition to ratings on dimensions, areas of application, load and more details.

In this guide we show you an exhaustive comparison of the winners of the 2020 OCU test for Balance Tables. The consumer organization carried out numerous practical tests with the products in laboratory conditions and generated significant results. In the event that a Balance Tables test is not yet available, we complement our table with similar valid sources, such as Ökotest or other expert contributions.

We have put together some buying tips for you that are based on the latest list of maximum scores. A short review video with interesting information informs you about everything worth knowing about Balance Tables. On this page you will also find links to the best offers and OCU test reports.

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