How to choose most appropriate clothes for gym

Are you hassling up while choosing the most appropriate clothes for gym? Then your concern is right.

It is something that every person in the gym goes through at some stage. 

As you’re working hard at the gym and pushing your limits every day, wearing the right gym wear becomes essential to achieve your goals more efficiently.

Stop being worried and just read these amazing tips that would guide you what to look at while choosing your gym wear.

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Comfort and style should go hand in hand

It’s a common practice that there are some types of clothes that make you feel uncomfortable in some exercises and for this reason you might have ignored those exercises.

Such matters can refrain you from reaching to a level which you always dream of. Now, at such a point, there are two major things to consider.

The first one is to choose to look stylish and the second one is to feel comfortable. Of course, everyone wants to look good and to be praised whether it’s a gym or some wedding ceremony.

 However, it is a wise act to always choose comfort over style.

There is certainly no point in simply looking good at gym and not comfortably doing your exercises, which results in not achieving your ultimate fitness goals.

For example, women can wear stylish tank tops which make them look good and they are comfortable for almost all kinds of exercises.

 Having all said, it is recommended to check more simple tips below that can do both wonders. You can look stylish while feeling comfortable at the gym.

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Choose different appropriate clothes for gym for different exercises

You might have experienced that a stylish, well-fitted t-shirt made you feel comfortable on your cardio day, but it was a little tough to manage with it on weight training day.

Have you ever noticed that why did it happen? Alright, let me make an appropriate explanation for this query.

On cardio day, you didn’t have to be doing much work with your major muscles, especially upper body part, so the t-shirt made you feel comfortable.

Whereas, the next day on your weight training day, you had to train hard for your major muscles with certain movements and you were uncomfortable in the same t-shirt.

So, the key is to wear different clothes for different exercises.

For example, if someday you have to run on a treadmill or do an elliptical machine, then it is preferable to wear track suit.

On the other day, if it’s a shoulder day, then wearing tank top is most comfortable as you have to make shoulder movements that can make you uncomfortable with the t-shirt.

Also, if you want to do arms exercise, then you can wear stylish and fitted t-shirt that can make you feel amazing when your arms bulge with a pump.

So, it’s a good practice to keep your wardrobe planned for different days depending on the type of exercise you’re intending to do in the gym in respective days.

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Choose fabric carefully


Gym or workout clothes are available in the market in several materials. Cotton is not so expensive and for that reason some people prefer buying it.

We can easily find cotton clothes in the market or in an online store, which is comfortable as well.

However, the major problem with cotton clothes is that they do not wick away sweat and start making you feel uncomfortable once your body is all in sweat after a few minutes of workout.

Also, after a few washes, they do not remain as soft as they are when they are new.

Breathable synthetic fabrics

The most preferable and durable choice is breathable synthetic fabric. Always prefer to buy those garments that wick away the sweat.

Wicking away the sweat means that such a fabric allows sweat to evaporate, while keeping your body temperature cool without making you feel uncomfortable with sweat.

 Fabrics that have polypropylene in them are best choice for gym workout clothes. Never go for such fabrics that do not breathe and are made from rubber-based materials.

Such fabrics do not allow sweat to evaporate while keeping your body temperature high.

Go with the season

Even if you’re working out in a gym under a controlled temperature in all the seasons, you know the fact that seasons still matter a lot.

Therefore, it is a wise act to choose your gym workout wear according to the season.


In winter, there is a need to wear layer inside your workout clothes. It is sometimes really hard in winter to manage what amount of clothes to wear. Well, layering is a solution here.

You can wear layering with your regular gym clothes and as you feel hot while doing workout, you may take off your layer to adjust your temperature.

The first or the base layer has to be wicking and must be well-fitted.

Over the top, you can wear loose clothes which can be adjusted as the workout proceeds.

You should also cover your head with cap and then you can take it off if you feel hot.

gym costume


In summer, wear only those fabrics that are breathable so that they can wick away the sweat.

This allows your skin to breathe and stay healthy in summer as well.

You can wear minimal clothes just like tank tops or even can go shirtless to become more motivated when you see your body pumping as you lift weights.

Anti-microbial clothes

Stink! It is the most common issue faced by all the people who go to the gym. You can use deodorant and perfumes to get off your stinky vibes at gym but what about clothes?

Sometimes even after washing, the gym clothes still stink and make you crazy. Well, there is a solution for it too. You can buy anti-microbial clothes for gym.

If you think they are expensive and you cannot afford them, don’t be worried, there is another solution for it because keep stinking is never acceptable.

Always use white vinegar while you are washing your clothes, and we should use it in the rinse cycle. The white vinegar has citric acid in it which can make your clothes stink free.

Supportive clothes

It is also advisable to prefer supportive garments in the gym, as they offer substantial support, especially in high-impact workouts.

This tip is essential for women and they are advised to wear a sports bra that gives firm support during high-intensity workouts.

It can make you carefree about the body's movement and increase your focus on the workout.

Women can avoid having a problem of stretching that is caused because of shocks in particular body parts during the workout.

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Right sized clothes

Always buy clothes for gym that are suitable for your size and easily fit your body. Mostly, prefer wearing comfy and loose clothes in gym so that you can comfortably do your exercise. 

However, if you are doing cardio exercises like stationary cycle, then your loose clothes can get tangled up in the machines. So, in such case, do wear shorts or fitted trousers.

In short, always avoid such clothes for a gym that are bothering you and interesting you to compromise over your comfort. Never forget your goal of coming to the gym.

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