Running in winter is not always easy.

In winter, the most seasoned run in all weathers but as we do not all take pleasure in exposing ourselves to harsh climates, indoor alternatives are available to us.

The treadmill is the closest to outdoor running.

Faced with this machine, there are followers who cannot do without it and there are purists who cannot consider its use because running is automatically free outdoors.

Today, u-run weighs the pros and cons of using this machine to see how a treadmill can also help you achieve your goals as varied as losing weight or seeking performance.


For the treadmill …

The runner does not have to put in an extra effort compared to his natural stride to bring the tread.
Allows you to escape the rain, cold and urban pollution during the week.
Its use allows you to train as closely as possible to your rhythm of life according to your professional and family availability when you have one at home.
A formidable slimming tool associated with a heart rate monitor that allows you to adjust your pace as close as possible to the effort target to burn fat.
As part of a recovery during rehabilitation, running on the mat is less traumatic for the knees. It is possible, thanks to this device, to mobilize your body gradually and in complete safety. The regularity of the stride allows to regain its marks and to reconstruct movement patterns in a flexible and stable manner after an injury.
The machine also allows you to split by playing both on variations in speed and incline of the treadmill so that you can really include it in a training plan.
Against the treadmill …

Unlike the natural side of running, the feeling of freedom when running is no longer present, the pace is imposed by the machine even if it can be varied manually.
Its use in jogging mode can very quickly turn into boredom because often running is an opportunity to escape, to walk, to be in contact with nature.
A balance problem on the mat can occur for beginners. This is inherent in their natural posture. Effect, if one runs the right bust there is little chance of being unbalanced. On the other hand, if one runs the bust forwards or backwards the center of gravity not being in the axis of the column, the balance is endangered.
Pay attention to the speeds indicated by the belts. If they are true, that does not mean that they will be reproduced outdoors for a given effort. So for jogging at 12 km / h on a treadmill this will correspond outdoors for the same effort to jogging at 10.5 km / h because running on a treadmill thanks to artificial training is easier.

The fat-burning session on a treadmill …

For beginner runners equipped with their heart rate monitor , start with 7min walking on a treadmill at 6km / h then alternate for 15min 2min walking at 6km / h and 1min running at 65% of your HRM, then walk for 6min and repeat the series 15min and end with 15min walk by varying the incline 2min at 2% slope and 1 min at 6-8%.
For experienced people equipped with their heart rate monitor, gradually increase the speed of the treadmill to stabilize yourself at your jogging pace, which is 65-70% of your HRM and you’re ready to go. The effort target will not vary, however, the incline of the treadmill will vary and therefore to adapt you will lower or increase the speed.
Start with 15min incline 0% then do a pyramid 5min at 2%, 5min at 4%, 5min at 6%, 5min 8%, 5min at 6%, 5min at 4%, 5min at 2% and finally 10min at 0% or an hour of effort. The evolution will be to go up the pyramid.
The interval training session on the treadmill

A VMA session On mat: After a 15min warm-up at 65-70% FCM, achieve 10X2min at 95% FCM, recovery one minute at 70% FCM. Each time, the machine is used manually to vary the parameters and adjust to the target gaits.

Two options are possible:
1) Either we play on the speed only and we increase it in relation to the speed that we know as its VMA + 1km / h or we use the cardio.

2) Either we play on both the speed and the incline. This allows fast runners not to reach the limits of the machine. In this case, cardio is useful for measuring the effort.

Whichever option you choose, it will take some time to get used to the different gaits on the machine.

The fartlek session on the threshold on the treadmill

After 15 minutes at 65-70% on carpet, we will play on the changes of pace and speed to simulate crossing hilly terrain.

For this, continuously, we will vary the incline first and then we vary the speed to reach the effort target.

We will do 3X:

2min incline 0% to 70% FCM
1min incline 2% to 85% FCM
2min Incline 6% to 85% HRM
2min Incline 8% to 85% HRM
2min Incline -4% to 70% FCM (slope simulation)
The treadmill is a valuable training tool for the runner. The treadmill makes it possible to simulate the training phases over time very precisely.

However, pure asphalt trailers or globetrotters may feel frustrated on a treadmill, while interval training metronomes may be seduced by this machine, as well as fitness enthusiasts .

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