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The abdominal belt is a handy helper that you can use to train your abs . It stimulates the muscles of the middle of the body with the help of weak electrical impulses . The muscle fibers respond to electrical stimulation just as they would respond to a natural signal from the nerves. By using the abdominal belt, you will achieve similar results as through more intensive training - with the same amount of time . However, the flat stomach does not come to you without effort: While sports decide on firm tissue and additional calorie consumption, diet and other factors must be right. For example, it is particularly important that you do not neglect the rest of your body and train all muscle groups as evenly as possible . This is the only way to get optimal results.

In terms of weight loss, the diet accounts for about 80% of the success. For the remaining 20% due to the movement, the abdominal girdle can assist you. But do not be fooled by these numbers: A minimal amount of muscle mass is essential to the appearance. The training not only tightens the tissue, but can even reduce the visibility of stretch marks as they result from rapid weight gain and weight loss or pregnancies.

6 Abdominal Belt - Ranking 2019 

How does an abdominal belt work?

The abdominal girdle is basically a wide cuff that you simply put around your stomach. Make sure the belt is adjusted correctly and has the correct size or width. When the abdominal belt is seated properly, stimulation may start. The effect of the abdominal belt is based on electrical muscle stimulation , EMS for short .

The most important part of the abdominal belt is the electrodes . They are in the belt and make contact with the body. The electrodes produce a weak electrical stimulus, which the skin forwards to the muscles under the abdominal wall. The electrical signal causes the muscles to contract - as if the impulse came from the body's own nerves.

As the muscle contracts, its filaments slide into each other. This makes the muscle thicker during contraction. When relaxing, the filaments loosen and slide apart - back to their original position. Regular use of the abdominal muscle signals the body of increasing stress. As a result, protein molecules reinforce the existing muscle fibers to arm them for stress. Externally, you can easily recognize this muscle build-up by strengthening your abdominal wall and making your muscles stand out more clearly.

Other categories in the leisure sector

For the EMS to have good effects, the belt should be worn four to five times a week (unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer) . The duration of training with the abdominal belt may vary. Approximately 30 minutes per activity unit are ideal for most users; However, ten-minute training can make a difference in the long term if you are active on a regular basis.

Use the abdominal muscle belt properly

The abdominal belt aids in achieving fitness goals, but can not work wonders alone . For the belt to produce the desired effects, it can be worn during exercise. Users can already expect visible effects after four to six weeks.

Well-toned abdominal muscles not only help to visibly tighten the tissue around the middle of the body; They also help to achieve a slimmer waist . Together with the back muscles, the abdominal muscles are an essential part of the supporting apparatus . Healthy musculature therefore contributes significantly to the prevention of back problems and helps you to a better posture.

The rehabilitation sport also occasionally uses helpers such as the abdominal muscle belt. The electrical stimulation can be especially beneficial if you are physically unable to follow your usual training. Also possible is an application after a very long bed rest or partial immobility. Here, too, the following applies: Without a balanced diet, the abdominal belt can not work wonders. In addition to vitamins and minerals, the body needs sufficient protein to make muscle mass. If you are recently recovering from an illness, recovering from an operation, or are still suffering from the consequences of an injury, be sure to talk with your doctor and, if necessary, a physiotherapist before you uses the abdominal belt.

The electrical stimulation of the abdominal muscles does not simulate muscle movement, but actually causes it. The extra muscle activity consumes energy as you eat it in the form of calories. Therefore, the abdominal belt can help you to lose weight . Nevertheless, we recommend a balanced diet observed. The higher energy consumption creates a calorie deficit that leads to weight loss - but only if you do not compensate for the deficit by eating more. Additional training of other body areas significantly improves the results of assisted abdominal training.

Some groups of people should not use the abdominal belt. For example, if you have a pacemaker, are pregnant or has rheumatism, arthritis or high blood pressure. It is essential to observe the safety instructions that accompany the abdominal belt when purchasing and that you can usually also see online at the manufacturer.

Different belts for different purposes

In addition to the abdominal muscle belt, which works by electrical stimulation of the muscles, there are other belts that also target the abdominal area and function by mechanical movement. Such belts are often referred to as the abdominal belt for demarcating them from EMS devices. In the abdominal belt, a series of sensors artificially move the muscle to simulate its movement. The disadvantage of these belts, however, is that they are not so close to natural movement. In contrast, electrical stimulation of the abdominal belt triggers an actual contraction of the muscle.

There are also different types of EMS belts. Several product tests included some models that have an intelligent program design. The training programs range from easier and shorter activity units to advanced training programs. A training program consists of a specific operating time and intensity, which are preset in the device. In this way, users can simply start a program and then have to pay no attention to the abdominal muscle belt until the end of the training session.

Some devices, which have been tested in detail by test persons, have a memory function for the programs: Users who have successfully completed one program can then continue with the next program without having to select it. The training programs build on good equipment and enable you to continuously increase your performance.

The advantage of  this gradual increase is the optimal promotion and demand of muscle building. In order for the abdominal muscles to be able to withstand greater stress and emerge more prominently, they must be subjected to continuous stress. If the training requirements remain the same, the muscle will not change once it reaches that level. Constant intensity and duration are especially suitable if you want to maintain muscle mass. For muscle building and fat reduction, however, a gradual increase makes more sense.

The disadvantage of such automatic programs is of course the low customization. In our product comparison, we found that most abdominal girdles with exercise programs also allow you to start with an advanced exercise program right away. However, the training programs in their entirety have a low bandwidth on some devices. Some products have few programs or no training programs for advanced users who want to maintain a high level of training with the abdominal muscle belt. People who have very few abdominal muscles because of illness or surgery, for example, cannot always benefit from the automatic exercise programs. In rare cases even the lowest program is unsuitable for certain persons; however, we were able to find a balanced mix on most devices.

Test criteria: This was observed in tests

Operating mode

Most tested abdominal girdles allow both wireless operation with battery and / or batteries as well as the use of a power supply. Batteries have the advantage that they can be recharged, thereby saving money and resources; however, users must consider the time to recharge. In contrast, batteries make the device ready for use immediately after replacement. However, they have the disadvantage of causing significantly more costs , especially in the long run .

Battery life

Long-life batteries not only make longer workouts possible, but also do not necessarily need to be recharged after each use. This can be an advantage, especially when traveling. In a product test it could be determined that many devices do not significantly differ from each other in the battery life. However, shoppers should keep in mind that batteries will become slack over time. The maximum battery life, which is still available at the beginning, can be significantly reduced, especially over several years. Proper unloading and loading maintains the battery and maintains its power.

Useful life

Many manufacturers recommend a certain duration for the individual applications of the abdominal belt. Above all beginners can orientate themselves on this guideline value. Some devices have a minimum useful life , which you should only fall below in exceptional cases. This application time not only takes care of the care of the device, but also ensures the desired training effects.

Training programs

Automated training programs greatly facilitate the use of the abdominal belt. A training program is a pre-set training session characterized by a specific duration, intensity, and any pauses or intervals. The advantage of these programs is that you do not have to adjust your belt during exercise and the device automatically shuts off when the time is up. Exercise programs prevent the muscles from being strained too much. Although this is not directly harmful, but can cause unpleasant soreness in the episode - just as in intense training without abdominal muscle belt. Some belts have a memory function: You can then run the programs one after the other.

Intensity level

In a test, the intensities were examined more closely. The intensity regulates the strength of electrical muscle stimulation. It has a big impact on how much the combination of sport and abdominal girdle is stressing the muscles. Abdominal muscle belts with many levels offer the advantage that you can adjust the intensity individually to your personal preferences and your personal pain sensation. In addition, such devices are often suitable for beginners and advanced. The number of different intensity levels is just as crucial for this as the strength of the electrical impulse at the respective stages.

Size and scope

Depending on body size and mass, people differ significantly in the size of their stomach. In order for you to be able to use the abdominal muscle belt correctly; its circumference must neither be too big nor too small. In a product test, it was also considered whether the width of the belt can be adjusted individually, for example with a wide Velcro fastener.


Most abdominal girdles weigh less than a kilogram. Slimmer devices come even with only 250 - 500 g. These lightweights could score in a product test by additional comfort. Their weight is barely noticeable during training and they are generally much more comfortable to wear. The weight difference plays a role especially for users who are still at the very beginning of muscle building or weakened by disease.

However, abdominal girdles that weigh a bit more do not necessarily have to be worse. Different preferences play a role as well as the individual fitness level. In the product test, the test persons have passed through several hands weighing more than one kilogram; From this weight, potential buyers should critically question why the belt weighs so much. Does the model have additional features that explain the extra weight? If not, the abdominal belt could also be an older model that may not be state of the art.

Switch and display

When you set the intensity, program a specific exercise duration or select an automatic exercise session, good abdominal girdles are easy to handle and almost self-explanatory . Ideally, buttons can be easily pressed without accidentally activating them. The ad should be placed so that users can control the settings while wearing it. In this way, you can quickly correct errors, mistakes and accidental entries. The devices compared by us partly had LCD displays with different brightness.

What should you look for when buying a Belly Belt?

Power supply and operating mode

The electrical muscle stimulation needs - of course - electricity . Abdominal girdles can basically be operated in three different ways: with batteries, batteries or directly connected to a power outlet . In general, the devices allow both the mobile operation with battery or battery as well as the stationary-bound operation. Keep your eyes open though - depending on the manufacturer and model, the battery life and battery life are significantly different. Especially with rechargeable batteries, the quality of the built-in energy provider determines how long-lasting the device is and when you replace a tired battery.

The mobile power supply not only allows you to choose a suitable place, independent of sockets; You can even wear the abdominal muscle belt outside of your own four walls. This option allows you more flexibility in training. Since the belt is used during sports and amplifies the natural movements of the abdominal muscles through its muscle stimulation, the operation with batteries or rechargeable batteries makes very sense: A cable is often in the way and prevents in part the correct execution of movements. In addition, the wireless operation is also safer for other people who may be nearby. When operating without a power cable, however, the risk of tripping is unnecessary.

The right size

We recommend that you measure your belly circumference before purchasing . You can use a simple tape measure. The waist circumference is important for you to acquire a proper abdominal belt - most belts have a circumference of 60 to 150 cm, but in individual cases may differ from this width. Therefore, always pay attention to the information provided by the manufacturer ; only when the abdominal belt fits properly, he can do his services.


The abdominal belt usually allows to choose between different intensities. Depending on how high the test subjects adjusted the controller in a test, the muscles were stimulated in the practical test stronger or weaker. The more the test subjects demanded your body, the greater were the effects. However, the application should never be too painful . Especially for beginners a slow increase is important, starting with the lowest level. This allows the muscles to get used to the unfamiliar stimulation and you can better control the device.


In our product comparison, we took different manufacturers under the microscope in order to get the most representative image possible. Nevertheless, it can not hurt if you inform yourself independently about the individual manufacturers. Although basically every manufacturer can potentially deliver a good device, some companies are known for their reliability and have been in business for years. Inexperience, however, does not have to mean a knock-out criterion.

The place of manufacture reveals a lot about the conditions under which the production company manufactures your device. Working conditions, standards of visibility and environmental behavior of the manufacturer can be significantly influenced by local conditions. Producing countries belonging to the EU score relatively well in this respect. In contrast, non-EU countries often depend heavily on which ethical standards the respective manufacturer implements itself.

Individual requirements and preferences

Before you buy a belly belt, you should first consider what requirements you have to the device. For our product comparison, we compiled several key criteria that users can use to easily orient themselves. The leader board shows you at a glance how the 10 best abdominal girdles in our product comparison in 2019.

 Internet or retailers - who is ahead?

The unrivaled ideal of a competent local contact

Buying from specialist retailers at first glance seems to offer many advantages: you can not only view the devices on display, but also try them out . Ideally, well-trained salespeople can already provide initial tips on how to do it and give you advice on how to take care of your device.

However, this ideal image of reality is often not fulfilled. A big downside to buying locally is the limitation to certain models that the dealer selects in advance. This selection gives you a limited overview of the market for abdominal girdles. Depending on which target group the respective retailer focuses on, he may provide equipment for particularly well-trained individuals with prior experience or vice versa: abdominal girdle, which are more suitable for absolute beginners or rehabilitation sports. Of course, such specialization brings numerous benefits; but also the disadvantage that possibly your own wishes cannot be met by the local staff.

Great selection on the internet, without restrictions

When buying on the Internet, however, the choice is under a variety of training devices many times greater. The agony of choice often makes it difficult to make the right decision - numerous options for numerous types and applications. Our product comparison 2019 therefore allows you a quick but thorough orientation. Just a few clicks bring the dream of a healthy and streamlined body within reach.

Test your abdominal belt before you buy

Unfortunately, it is not always possible for stationary retailers to try out a training device beforehand. Because of the limited space, all available abdominal muscle belts are never issued, but only a selection. That's why you'll often face a similar situation at the on-site store, such as when buying on the Internet: you need second-hand information and can only view product images. When you buy from a retailer, however, you are limited to the product images of the manufacturer, while you can independently search the Internet for pictures and reviews.

Freely available videos often also show the abdominal muscle belt in use. In addition, other users offer an equal eye assessment without necessarily selling anything to you. When comparing products on the Internet, you have unlimited time to choose from. You can easily gather information about multiple devices, compare options and prices, and once again sleep the night before making a purchase.

Facts and tips about the abdominal muscle belt

The historical origins of the EMS

Although abdominal girdles are state-of-the-art gadgets, the origins of the EMS are surprisingly long back. The beginnings of EMS are hidden in medical use . Ancient cultures used electrically charged objects or certain fish that emit natural electrical impulses when touched. People believed they could cure or alleviate a variety of illnesses - including headaches and bleeding.

In the 19th century, when the sciences made a leap in development through the exploration of electricity and newer technologies, the EMS also got a boost. Leading scientists and inventors designed mechanical devices that they called power generators for localized electrification. The idea behind these devices comes very close to the modern EMS: The scientists placed the device over certain muscle areas, so that the electrical tension could penetrate into the body tissue.

Although the early developers used anatomical schemes to align the voltage as accurately as possible, the mechanical generators of that era were still very inaccurate. Neurological suffering and potency problems could allegedly be cured in this way as well as poisonings. However, there are legitimate doubts about the results of this work today; Many promises of salvation lack any basis.

Using EMS as assisted muscle building is a relatively new idea. It was only in the second half of the 20th century that EMS got a boost in performance and hobbies. The increasing lack of physical activity in the population, but also the fitness enthusiasm of the 80s contributed to this development. Even today, health problems that could be prevented by sufficient exercise pose a major burden on the healthcare system. In addition, more people than ever suffer from chronic back pain and musculoskeletal disorders. EMS is often used to prevent and supplement treatment.

Researchers now assume that EMS also has a lot of untapped potential in professional sports. They expect an increasing use of EMS in the coming years and decades. Some scientific authors even see a possibility in EMS to prevent doping: By optimizing the training with assistance systems such as the abdominal belt and other EMS devices, chemical doping could lose its attractiveness in the future.

Facts and facts about the abdominal muscle belt

Magic abdominal fat spot perfect - unfortunately a dream

The distribution of body fat is genetic; You can not reprogram your body to only store fat where it would be more visually convenient. Therefore, the abdominal muscle belt can not precisely reduce the fat on the stomach. However, those who tend to apple shape and carry their energy reserve around the middle of the body, can achieve two goals with abdominal muscle training: First, the additional muscle activity helps to burn calories and thus reduce overall body mass. On the other hand, the straight and oblique abdominal muscles slimming the body, as it supports the abdomen and pushes the organs slightly inward.

Another fact is: Muscles weigh more than fat at the same volume. The numbers on the scale can therefore be misleading. After an initial phase of losing weight, there is often no change in weight. The body lands on such a plateau, among other things, because fat reduction and muscle building balance each other . A tape measure may therefore better document the progress than a personal scale - because despite constant weight, the body becomes slimmer with increasing muscle.

The right combination

In the practice test, abdominal muscle belts prove to be almost ineffective if healthy diet and additional training fail. However, they can support the effects and are therefore intended primarily as an aid. The electrical signals emanating from the electrodes in the belt and stimulating the abdominal muscles increase the activity of the muscles while the wearer, for example, performs strength exercises with his own body weight . Simple but effective exercises such as push ups, lunges , planking and many others have great benefits for individuals who want to use the abdominal girdle at home, especially for individuals. Especially exercises like push-up activate different muscle groups and thus contribute to a well-balanced workout.

The myth of health risk

Even today, persistent rumors that electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) is harmful to the human body. However, there is nothing wrong with these concerns. EMS uses weak electrical impulses that are completely harmless to nerves, muscles and other body tissues. The electrodes in the abdominal belt are also arranged so that the electrical signals arrive exactly where they can develop the desired effect.

In addition, critics often confuse EMS with electric shocks . However, EMS is not a shock and does not use high voltage. The electrical stimulation is too low to cause damage to the muscles. In addition, EMS only promotes the natural activity of the muscles and increases their stress easily.

Our safety tips

Especially with the first application, it makes sense to take enough time. The manual reading is an absolute must. Only then should you put on the belt for the first time. This order is also recommended for previous experience with other devices or belts from other manufacturers. To get started, it is best to start with the lowest intensity that can be set on the belt. Only slowly and after a certain adjustment time should you increase the intensity. A quick glance at the device's display or the manual switch provides clarity as to whether the abdominal girdle is properly adjusted. Check the settings before each use.

Not every person perceives the different intensities equally. The pain threshold varies from person to person. Therefore, we can not give general advice on which intensity level is best. However, once the individual's perception is tested, you will soon have an idea of how high or low you can set the abdominal muscle belt.

  • A continuously adjustable belt can therefore have some advantages. Even devices that offer many small gradations are ideal. On the other hand, if the abdominal muscle belt has only a few intensity levels, it should be clarified before purchasing: How strong is the current flow at the respective steps? Is the belt suitable for beginners and does it benefit even advanced users? Which application period does the manufacturer recommend?
  • Since the abdominal belt is electrically powered, it should keep it away from moisture. Many devices from various tests can be cleaned with a damp cloth . We also recommend removing coarse dirt immediately so they do not damage the electrodes and cables in the belt.
  • In addition, for safe use in a test, it was crucial that the device had the right amount . The belt should close without stretching it too much. Avoid pulling or tearing on the device: jerking movements could damage the electrical interior of the abdominal belt. Conversely, the belt should not sit too loose, so that the electrodes do not slip and the electrical stimulation finds a wrong target.

A damaged device always presents a security risk; we advise against using it further. If the damage is due to manufacturing defects and the warranty period has not yet expired, manufacturers usually swap it easily. In some cases, a repair is worthwhile - but you should only hire specialists who are familiar with abdominal girdles and preferably have experience with your particular device.

With these foods you fight belly fat

Sitting in front of the TV with a stomach belt and eating a can of peanuts - that's it! Unfortunately it will not be that easy. As we have already explained, activation of the abdominal muscles alone is not enough to successfully relieve belly fat.

Sugar are responsible for dangerous belly fat

Belly fat is not just an aesthetic problem. The so-called visceral fat in the lower abdomen is attached to the organs and can lead to hypertension, diabetes (type 2) and heart disease. According to the latest studies, sugar is mainly responsible for the lower abdominal fat. There are also interesting self-experiments as in the documentary "Voll Verzuckert". The main actor had at the beginning of his documentation still a flat muscular belly. He had not eaten sugar for three years. As soon as he changed his diet back to sugar - with the same daily calorie intake (!) - he got a noticeable throb.

Although it has not yet been clearly established, scientists suspect that fructose is preferentially stored in the abdominal fat and becomes harmful liver fat or visceral fat.

Galt juice used to be healthy, juice is not recommended today. The reason is simple: to eat an apple, takes some time and then you feel satisfied first. When juice is in a few moves loose six apples and their sugar content plastered. Even smoothies - which were not so long ago a figurehead for healthy nutrition - have been out again due to the high fructose content.

These foods are good for stomach fat

1.) Vegetables and especially broccoli : Instead of eating a lot of fruit because of the vitamins, you should now rather eat less fruit and more vegetables. And pretty much the best vegetables for belly fat should be broccoli. Thanks to its sulforaphane, it ensures that fat is not stored but burned as energy.

2.) Green tea: Green tea blends like Matcha tea are said to be good against belly fat for two reasons: It boosts metabolism and lowers insulin levels, both of which result in more calories being burned.

3.) Black cumin oil : The oil is particularly widespread in the Arab and Islamic areas, as the prophet Muhammad black cumin was already praised as a "panacea". Now it is also popular in Europe and proven especially against belly fat. It is considered a "Stochwechsel booster". It is especially good for digestion and intestinal flora and lowers blood sugar.

4.) Flaxseed: Flaxseed is the vegan alternative to fish. They also contain Omega-3 fatty acids that are supposed to break down the dangerous belly fat. In addition, they are considered anti-inflammatory and the fiber promote the intestinal activity.

5.) Protein bread: The women's magazine "Freundin" awards protein bread as the " best bread for belly fat". High-protein diet is known to help with weight loss, as the proteins serve to build muscle. However, there are also critical voices saying that protein bread is more expensive, fatter and tastier than "normal" bread.

Useful accessories

Replacement battery and second charging cable

Anyone who buys a replacement battery when buying the abdominal belt saves a lot of trouble afterwards. Normal wear reduces the power of the battery over time. The battery becomes fatigued quickly if you do not charge it properly or if it discharges only irregularly and / or with frequent interruptions.

Especially if the abdominal belt requires special batteries that only fit a few other devices, prevention is advisable. Not every model is available for extended periods of several years; Economic changes of the individual manufacturer can limit the availability of replacement batteries as well as technical advancements. New devices are displacing their predecessors more or less regularly from the market. Spare parts are then difficult to obtain - often it takes a good deal of luck. However, this annoyance can be avoided if the replacement batteries are considered early enough.

Batteries were in various abdominal belt tests 2019 a weak point of many devices. Even abdominal girdles from the upper price range were not protected in a test. Damage to the charging cable, however, was less common in tests; the cable used in many tests with proper use, even over longer periods of only weak. However, if you want to be on the safe side, you can also plan a replacement cable as a precaution if it is available separately. In particular, users who want to use the abdominal belt in cable operation should consider this small purchase. When operating on the power cable, this is more likely to be at risk of damage.

Bag or suitcase

A matching bag to stow the abdominal belt well, especially for occasional users sense. The bag should not only have the right size, but also protect well against dust, moisture, dirt and fading by UV light. In addition, a bag or even a small suitcase helps with the correct and safe stowage of the belt. More stable bags or cases also provide the device with protection against mechanical pressure, shocks and falls.

Cleaning material

Caring for an abdominal belt can have a positive effect on its lifespan. Depending on the material of the device's cuff, you can wipe the surface with a microfibre or cotton cloth that is as misty as possible. Even mild detergents should only be used if the operating instructions explicitly permit this. Furthermore, especially several users who share an abdominal belt should think about suitable disinfectants .

Sport activities have the best effect when they are exhausting enough. The body heats up this turn and produces sweat to cool and maintain its optimal operating temperature. Even when the abdominal belt is worn over clothing, it comes into contact with perspiration. Residues of the body's secretion form a breeding ground for bacteria, which can cause odors.

The abdominal belt should therefore be cleaned regularly. Unless otherwise specified in the user manual, the belt should be wiped off immediately after use. If the material allows for more thorough cleaning, users may do so at longer intervals, for example once a month - or before the device is passed on to another person. For rental equipment in rehabilitation centers or specialized gyms, users should inquire with the staff about the local hygiene rules.

Alternatives and supplements to the abdominal muscle belt

In addition to the abdominal muscle belt to which we have dedicated this product test, there are other training devices that are also based on the principle of electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). Corresponding belts and cuffs are also available for arms or thighs. However, it is important that you use each device only as intended by the manufacturer. Because there are electrodes in the belt or cuff, proper placement of the device plays an important role. The abdominal belt should therefore be used exclusively for the abdomen and not on the thighs.

In addition to abdominal muscle belts, the market offers other helpers who can support the right training. The crunch help acts as an assistant in the correct execution of crunches. Crunches are simple exercises that, in addition to gravity, make use of the body's own weight. During training, the person lying on their backs raises their upper body away from the floor until they can clearly feel the tension of the abdominal muscles. Then just sit up as far as the tension lasts, before you go back to the (still tense!).  The hold voltage is of great importance during the entire training session - because only then can we adequately demand the abdominal muscle and you achieve good training effects. The crunch aid is a metal frame that helps users to avoid moving too far and thereby maintaining optimal muscle tension.

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