Is Running Good For Weight Loss? Experts opinion

How does running affect weight loss? Is running good for weight loss? Can regular workouts speed up the loss of unnecessary kilograms? How to run and overweight to not affect the joints and knees negatively? What injuries most frequently affect beginners? How to prevent them? Many of these questions frequently return like a boomerang in … Read more

10 Reasons Why You Should Ride A Bike

As a rider I repeatedly encourage anyone to ride a bike. I carry out it by all year round.
In March 2016, I set myself a little challenge and I especially want to thank to this special application, I always measure every kilometer driven by me to work and back for about 12 months.

What Training Bag To Choose

When choosing a punching bag, pay attention to its size, weight, filling material and price. The quality of workmanship and finish are also important, which largely determine how long the equipment will serve you. There are bags mounted on chains, standing and pears, as well as empty and full bags.

Twister – How To Train To Slim Down Your Waist And Sides?

Twister is a small but very clever exercise device. It allows you to easily slim your waist, get rid of bacon and strengthen your abdominal muscles. Twister version with links also helps to work on the muscles of the hands. How exactly does the magic circle work and how to practice on it to quickly notice the effects?