Running in winter is not always easy. In winter, the most seasoned run in all weathers but as we do not all take pleasure in exposing ourselves to harsh climates, indoor alternatives are available to us. The treadmill is the closest to outdoor running. Faced with this machine, there are followers who cannot do without … Read more

The treadmill: what are the advantages?

Owning a treadmill at home has many advantages: training, keeping the line, losing weight,… The advantages are numerous!The treadmill allows you to train in an ideal microclimate and sheltered from atmospheric agents, and the feeling of loneliness is erased by the music played by the Hi-Fi device and the radio.You can also run in front … Read more

What muscles does the treadmill work?

One of the most popular fitness equipment is the treadmill. Whether in gyms or apartments, it is very beneficial. However, a question arises: What muscles does the treadmill work? Let’s take a closer look.The heartThe heart is the muscle most used by the mat. Its use results in cardiovascular training, which increases heart rate and … Read more