Running less boring

How to run on a carpet without dying of boredom? We give you some tips to make your sessions more stimulating, without watching series.Written by Red Bull FranceEstimated reading time: 5 minutes Posted on20.05.2019 7:57 CDTNot everyone is the German ultra-runner Florian Neuschwander, capable of running 50 km on a carpet in less than 3 … Read more

How to explode your 5 km record

Exercises, course, physical preparation: Florian Neuschwander tells you everything you need to know to be successful in 5K. The goal? Change gait, no distance.Florian Neuschwander’s Run with the Flow team has won Wings for Life World Run for five consecutive years. And on May 9, 2021, there will still be more than 1,200 to run … Read more

How fast to run on a treadmill?

The questions about running on a treadmill have already been mentioned. For having done it and doing bodybuilding like you, I cannot recommend you enough : -to run outside, the treadmill being only a supplement when the weather conditions are terrible (strong wind, intense rain, snow or ice). -If you decide, despite everything, to run on a treadmill, … Read more

How to run on a treadmill to lose weight

At all times, women have sought to be beautiful and attractive to men. But the concept of beauty has changed over time. And if a few centuries ago a magnificent body was considered a symbol of health and elegance, today toned and dried figures are in fashion. Almost all women who are at least a … Read more