7 Tips for Improving Your Electric Bike’s Range

For keeping yourself moving and avoiding traffic, an electric bike can be a brilliant solution. However, operating electric bikes requires a lot more concentration on it, compared to other bikes.

The batteries in the electric bikes need to care if you want to have long-lasting service, especially if it’s a budget friendly electric bike.

The range of the electric bike is a common concern among the bike owners because they often break.

The bike range depends mostly on the quality of the battery and how you’re maintaining it. Stick to the article to get through the things you must know to improve your bike range.

7 Tips for Improving Your Electric Bike’s Range

7 Tips for Improving Your Electric Bikes Range

An electric bike gives you a better range than regular bikes for your daily movement, but it also needs more care.

Here are the tips that you can follow to take care of your electric bike and improve its range:

1.0 Charge and use your battery properly

The most common reason a battery in an electric bike may lose the regular range is the bad charging habit.

You must charge your battery with the proper procedure and make it easier for the battery. The most common mistake people make while charging their battery is they don’t charge it the right way.

The best time to charge your battery is to put it on charge when it has an ideal temperature. After coming back from a ride, the battery is warmer than usual.

Let it sit and cool down to the room temperature. Once the battery reaches the room temperature, put it on charge and let don’t keep it on charge after fully charged.

2.0 Store your battery indoor and dry

Another big thing to consider doing for an excellent service from the battery is not to store it outside.

After a ride, don’t leave it outside; the sunlight may react to the battery and damage it. Take the electric bike inside your house if possible and give it a space in your garage for good care.

Never drain the battery completely empty because it may have an adverse effect on the battery’s longevity.

If you have to keep the bike itself in a sunny or humid area, take the battery out and store it indoors in a dry place.

Keeping the battery dry is also important because a damp or humid environment would harm the battery.

3.0 Use a secondary battery or charger

If you have little time to charge your battery or if you have to travel a longer distance, go for a secondary battery.

If the travel distance is only an issue, you can also go for a secondary charge for the battery. You can go to your destination, put it on the charge, and keep running for as long as you want!

However, if it’s winter and you’re carrying a spare battery, make sure you store the battery in an insulated pocket.

You will find e-bike bags with a special insulated compartment to store a battery safe and sound.

If you don’t have a bag, you wrap the battery with a jacket and put it in your backpack next to a flask to keep it warm.

4.0 Oil the chains and lubricate the wheels 

For better range on an electric bike, keeping your wheels smooth is very important. The chain in the bike loses the smoothness rapidly, especially if it’s a budget friendly electric bike.

Ensure the chain doesn’t have excessive friction, or it will affect the range of output in a great measure.

Oil the chains and keep it smooth and friction-free on the ride. The more range output you want from the bike, the more friction-free you want to ride it.

Keeping its chain lubricated and free from dust and grime is also important for a smoother ride.

5.0 Ride it smooth with the right tire pressure

The tire of the bike is the drive wheel that pushes the ride for the next round, therefore keeping it smooth is important.

There are different situations where you need different tire pressure levels on the bike. If you’re riding on a hard and smooth surface like a paved road, have good pressure on the tire.

You cannot get a pleasant ride if you have less air inside the tires, as it will have more friction to slow you down.

However, if you’re off-roading with the bike, the pressure requirement is exactly the opposite. You need less air inside the tires on harsh terrain because it helps you transfer the drive shock to the ground.

6.0 Less weight for a better range

If you’re carrying heavy luggage on your bike for touring purpose, you will get a significant deficiency in the bike range.

You must keep the weight on the minimum if you want the best range from the electric bike.

Recalculate the things you’re taking with yourself and try to cut the list down for a good range from the bike. The less weight you put on the bike, the higher range you get from it with a smoother ride.

7.0 Use the right gear and pedal with care

When you’re running on the motor, it can be tempting to leave the pedal and relax. However, if you want your electric bike to have a longer range, you must support the motor, especially when you’re climbing.

Supporting the bike’s motor by paddling it will give the battery a longer life span as well. So, the take down here is to shift the gear down a little and support the battery by paddling it.

Final words

Electric bikes are better than the conventional paddle bikes because they are flexible and fast with 25-45 MPH speed.

If you take care of the electric bike carefully, you can expect a longer lifespan from it. Getting a longer life span and a better range from the bike requires careful usage.

If you want your bike to travel a longer distance, keep it on regular check-ups, especially if it’s a budget friendly electric bike.

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