5 ways to burn 500 calories (fast)

Want to lose weight? Erwan Menthéour, fitness coach, offers us 5 exercises to quickly burn 500 calories. Put on your sneakers!

What do half a 4-cheese pizza , a large bowl of crisps, a pure butter croissant and a Nutella pancake have in common? Bingo: all these little treats cost around 500 calories.

Burning 500 calories is difficult. “ If you already have a certain level of sport (that you have been exercising at moderate intensity for at least 6 weeks).

The best solution is plyometric exercises: it is pushing your body in its last entrenchments to burn a maximum of calories “, explains Erwan Menthéour, sports coach.

The secret of these demanding exercises is adrenaline : “ We can see the fat cells as small safes equipped with very resistant locks, adds the coach .

Adrenaline, which the body naturally secretes at the end of a certain amount of effort, is the key to opening these safes and therefore eliminating fat . “

How long does it take to lose weight?

Good news: an intense training of 15 to 20 minutes per day is enough to refine. “ From the fourth week, we see the first results , guarantee Erwan Menthéour …

On condition of adopting a balanced diet low in sugars and industrial products, rich in seasonal fruits and vegetables. “

How to do a burpee?

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Lower into a squat position and place the palms of your hands on the floor, in front of your feet.

Kick your legs back so that you are in a plank position (with heel, hip, and shoulder alignment). Do a push-up.

Once back in plank position, jump by bringing the feet towards the hands; return to a squat position. Jump into the air, lifting your feet off the ground, body straight, legs outstretched, hands above your head.

How to do a squat jump?

Stand with your arms at your sides, feet in line with your shoulders, toes slightly outward. Inhale, and flex your legs until they are parallel to the floor, your body weight on your heels. Give an impetus to jump (taking your feet off the ground) on the ascent. Return to the initial position.

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