3G Cardio 80i Fold Flat Treadmill Reviews 2019

In this review article, I am here to write about the most desired 3G cardio 80i fold flat treadmill and where you can buy this special one. What makes it so special? It’s the ones and folds flat treadmill on the marketplace that mainly aims to build exclusively for the runners.

They can fold flat to just 9.75 inches (ca. 25 cm) height and effortlessly be rolled up under your bed for storage as you can. Its special features include heavy-duty, 60-inch running surface and 3.0 HP motor. The stability of this treadmill is twice of its price. The treadmill has the potentiality of reaching eleven miles per hour ( maximum speed ) along with an intense (15% maximum incline ) and most importantly, it's a total space free that it can be folded vertically also

3G Cardio 80i Fold Flat Treadmill Reviews 2019

 It has another set of wheels that allow it to be pushed out of the way easily when it not in exercise. If you are just trying to save some space in your little house and really have extremely little room in the condo. 

Then, this treadmill must meet your demand where no other running treadmill has really gone before under your bed at any cost. 3G cardio 80i fold flat treadmill gives a top quality design that provides more advantage over the other treadmills from the current market place.

The best ingenious design of this 3G cardio 80i fold-flat treadmill will change your workout space that is specially built for the walkers and runners. This treadmill is alike of others but it’s really capable of folding upright or flat on the floors that can be rolled under the bed.

 When it comes to durability, the 3G 80i treadmill delivers you to get a lifetime warranty on the motor and frame. It has 5 years coverage on all parts together with wear items. You w also get a 1-year labor warranty in-home. It has an astounding 325 pound (0.15 t) user weight capacity.

The 80i fold flat treadmill always keeps your workouts cheerful and fun with built-in speakers and audio inputs. The remarkable features, a solid warranty, and fold flat capability provide you with all the good reasons to people to love this treadmill.

When your workout is completed, folding the 80i both. The flat treadmill is a gust that simply lifts up on the rear of the treadmill to lock it in position. When it comes time to exercise again, just simply unlock the treadmill and then, it will unfold all by itself that takes only a few seconds. There is no assembly required and its out-of-the-box incredible and get in shape now with this amazing 3G 80i fold flat treadmill by 3G cardio.

Key Features

  • Its maximum capacity– 325 lbs
  • Dual folding technology
  • Have shock absorbing elements
  • Has deck incorporates suspensions
  • It needs little maintenance
  • It has Motorized incline
  • It has 3.0 HP and heavy-duty motor
  • Its fit for running, not limited to jogging or walking;
  • Its highest speeds 11 MPH
  • Have 8 preset programs,
  • Have 2 custom user programs
  • Easy to use, comprehensive controls on the console
  • It has pulse sensors on the lateral grips
  • Solid frame and deck
  • Integrated sound system

What we like              

What we don’t like  

  • Unique Folding Design
  • Program Variety
  • Price
  • Durable Frame
  • Very durable
  • No assembly required;
  • Intricate design
  • Foldable
  • Good stat tracking system
  • Quiet and smooth operation;
  • Have Very good warranty plan.
  • Detailed
  • Control system
  • Easy to handle
  • Quite expensive
  • Hard to self-assemble
  • Hard to read the pulse by means of the chest strap transmitter
  • Minimalistic console
  • No media shelf

Our suggestion 

The treadmill can be an alternative to the outside running for the leisure time or your extra time and you need to relax some-while because of your tiredness. You are working all day long and get tired . So ,you need an alternative to not going to the outside during your busyness . So, this 3G cardio 80i fold flat treadmill can meet your desire of running instead that is very easy to handle compare to others treadmill .


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