14 exercises to do at the gym to burn as many calories as possible

Rowing machine, elliptical, treadmill, but also push-ups, burpees, lunges and dips: discover our ideas for “fat-burning” exercises to do in the gym, and build your cardio circuit and tailor-made muscle strengthening.

Discover the devices with the help of a coach
The posture you adopt on the machines at the gym is important: if you position yourself badly, or if you do not stand correctly on a treadmill , rower , or elliptical trainer , you increase the risk of pain. or even injury.

To better understand the devices in your gym, and use them optimally, take the time during your first sessions, to get advice and support from a coach, who will be able to tell you how they work, their settings and the right ones. postures to adopt during the effort.

Alternate exercises
In order to use all the muscles of the body, and obtain a beautiful , harmonious silhouette , nothing better than to combine cardio-training exercises and muscle strengthening exercises . At the gym, you can alternate between exercises on the machines and exercises on the floor,

Cardio will help you burn more calories , during and also after exercise, and will maintain your cardiovascular system.

As for muscle building, it can be done on the machines available in the room, but can also be done without any equipment: pumps , burpees , squats , lunges … For you to compose your tour!

Try group lessons
The group lessons offered in many gyms are a good way to play sports while having fun and to motivate others : zumba , step, abs-glutes , HIIT … Not only will you sweat and you will spend, but you will also learn new exercises that you can, in turn, perform on your own during a session at the gym or at home.

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