11 fitness exercises you can do on a treadmill

We agree, there is nothing more boring than running on a treadmill. NOTHING. But that’s no reason to put the machine in the closet (or to stop going to the gym).

On the contrary, we found some tips to twist the session of the treadmill in fitness mode. Strengthening your arms and legs and doing sit-ups on a mat, not only is it possible, but in addition, it throws!

From this day on, you will be able to pimp your treadmill session thanks to unconventional movements, certainly, but devilishly effective for building your arms , legs and abdominal belt!

Celebrity coach Anna Kaiser – Shakira, Sarah Jessica Parker and Sofia Vergara, among others – leads the way for this treadmill workout . Go!

Strengthen your butt and legs on a treadmill

Set the speed of the treadmill to 1km per hour and start walking. Place your left hand on the front grip and your right hand on the right grip.

Rotate your bust, hips, and feet so that you are facing the right side of the mat.

Right leg straight, left leg flexible, lower buttocks and bend left knee to make a lunge to the side .

In the movement of the mat, bring your right foot in front of the left foot to return to the starting position and make a new lunge. The fact that the treadmill is moving forces you to keep up.

Repeat for 30 seconds before turning to work the other leg.

Revisited squats on a treadmill.

Set the speed to 1km per hour and start walking. Place your right hand then your left on the right grip.

Pivot on your heels to fully turn to the right of the machine. Spread your feet slightly outward, bend your knees and lower your buttocks to do a squat .

Support yourself well on the heels and keep your back straight to go up. Once standing, face the screen again before repeating the operation on the left side.

Repeat on the right side and so on for 30 to 60 seconds.

Board with leg lift.

With the mat off, rest your hands on the plastic frame on the front of the machine. Arms outstretched, in plank position , put your right foot under your chest and push back to activate the mat.

Then step forward with the left foot in the same way, then the right foot, and continue the operation for 30 to 60 seconds, making sure to contract the abs .

Single leg pushups with knee lifts.

With the carpet off, place your palms on the front handle of the machine and take a few steps back. Your feet, hips and back should form a straight line as in a core position .

From this position, the exercise consists of doing classic push- ups while raising the knees simultaneously (otherwise, it’s not fun). With each push-up, lift the knee outward and then extend the leg back. Not only do you firm your chest, but you also muscle your buttocks!

Contract your abs and engage all the muscles so as not to activate the mat.

Strengthen your arms and upper body on a treadmill

With the mat off, stand on a plank, arms and legs straight, back to the screen. Use one hand to push in front of you and activate the mat.

When you push forward with the left hand, you simultaneously bring the right hand back, and vice versa. Keep going for 30-60 seconds and your arms strong !

Do push-ups on a treadmill.

Mat off, sit in the middle of the mat with your back to the screen with your knees bent and your feet flat.

Grab the side handles of the machine from the outside, palms facing each other.

Support yourself on your heels and lift your buttocks while remaining well sheathed, to avoid activating the mat. Lean back so that your torso is parallel to the floor.

From this position, you are ready to do push-ups . Maintain control on the descent and lock the hips securely.

Do 8 to 10 pull-ups three times.

Inclined pumps.

With the machine off, place your hands flat on the front handle and take a few steps back.

Well sheathed so as not to activate the mat, feet, legs and back aligned, all you have to do is do push-ups . Three times 10 push-ups and your chest is firm!

Strengthen your abs on a treadmill

With the carpet off, place your hands on the plastic frame at the front of the machine and take a few steps back.

Get into a plank position, arms straight, legs tight and knees slightly bent.

Support yourself on your hands and jump to propel your feet up onto the side bands of the machine, then jump again to return to the middle of the mat.

Continue like this for 30 to 60 seconds.

Knee lifts to work on your abs.

Start with the carpet turned off. Standing with your back to the screen, your hands resting on the handles of the machine, support yourself on both hands and lift yourself up.

Cross your ankles and open your knees outward (as if you were sitting astride). Without uncrossing your ankles, contract your abs and lift your knees up to your chest before coming back down to the starting position.

For solid abs , do three sets of 10 reps.

Carpet off, sit in the center of the carpet with your back to the screen.

Grab the handles from the outside, palms facing each other. Extend your legs in front of you and lift them off the ground.

With your legs still straight, lift your right leg up high, toes towards the ceiling, then lower it while controlling the movement. Repeat with the other leg and continue to alternate for 10 movements.

Do three sets.

The wiper abs.

This ab exercise hurts, but god it is effective!

With the machine off, sit in the middle of the mat, with your back to the screen. Grab the handles from the outside, palms facing each other.

Bend your knees towards your chest and swing on the bones of the buttocks. From this position, extend your legs to one side then the other while contracting your abs.

Do three sets of 10 movements.

Abs of steel, curved arms, sharp legs, one thing is certain, this is what to optimize your treadmill session.

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