10 Reasons Why You Should Ride A Bike

As a rider, I repeatedly encourage anyone to ride a bike. I carry out it by all year round.

In March 2016, I set myself a minor challenge and I especially want to thank to this special application. I always measure every kilometer driven by me to work and back for about 12 months.

1. Money

Have you ever counted how much amount you spend on commuting to work by a car? Most of us spend on average 300 to 600 dollar a month.

If you were riding the bicycle, you would have to pay off the entire sum for yourself, like clothes, a new tattoo, cosmetics, or you would put away for redecoration of the apartment or mostly your dream trip.

You might be different! People who want to travel by public transport would have a circle in the wallet as well!

2. Time

Do you recognize that during rush hours of standing in the traffic jams (in major cities) you might lose up to 35 hours in a week?  

I know that several of this time is great for organizing by learning English or painting nails, but most us only lose our nerves and of course our precious time ...

At the peak times, the speed at which the car travels in the city center is frequently at 10 km / h. You might reach 15 km / h on the bike with little effort.

Nowadays, there are more and more bike routes that can lead us straight to our destination without having to get off our bike.

3. Health

Although the first 2 points have motivated me already so strongly that it is really worth moving on 2 wheels, the third point is also the most vital one.

  • Heart is like a bell (adequate blood pressure, better blood circulation),

  • Really gives greater resistance to bacteria and viruses (of course you have to keep in mind about your right clothes),

  • increased our lung capacity (better endurance, no shortness of breath),

  • oxygenated our brain (it will increase our creativity),

  • Better eyesight (studies showed that more and more children wear glasses because they do not look into the outside, rather are focused on phones and computer monitors. Cycling can force you to look into the outside nature and focus on closing objects along your way, so it’s great sort of exercise for your eyesight).

4. Physical Form

When you are riding a bicycle, you become more fit without much effort and without a special thinking on this subject 

Someone actually known that I am not talking about going to the superstore for the bread rolls, but about regular, even half-hour riding.

Even if you want to drive in order to put aside more money, you can still burn about 300-500 calories daily, just depending on the time and your speed of the ride. Fastidious addition, right?

Our metabolism can also improve, and we can reduce the likelihood of the obesity and related diseases we face every day.

It can also get better our physical fitness and of course fitness can improve our quality of everyday life and our daily duties.

5. Peace of mind

When riding a bicycle, you need not to worry about where you can find a parking space, because you may attach this vehicle virtually at anywhere.

Bah! You do not even have to have your bike because in bigger cities you might surely rent them for a small fee.

You do not have to worry about its appearance, because everyone knows the bike must be above all comfortable and peace.

Therefore, you can look like a cannonball with a tight hood on the head, and no one will be surprised - it’s really possible that even they might admire you for your spirit and training for the period of the cloudburst.

6. Eco

Cycling is not only very good for us; it is also very good for our planet.

We do not use fossil fuels; we do not increase the greenhouse gas emissions, and we also do not speed up the global warming. So, boldly we can think that we save our world with every move.

7. Discipline

We rarely associate with it, but without discipline we do not show our own character. We cannot achieve success without the discipline.

Riding a bike of all year long, but it makes you a stronger character, and to go out and go in rain and also cold, you require a lot of self-discipline.

8. Family

Bicycle trips are an immense idea for sharing significant activities of your afternoon.

You can give a good example to your children, you can also spend time actively with your partner, you are close to nature and you can release the hormones of happiness that might fill you with a feeling of fulfillment.

9. Sex

I do not believe it can surprise anyone that physically active people would have a better sex life than the inactive people.

The cycling improves our endurance and fitness, so it improves you.

Researchers from the Harvard University say that men over 50 have less impotence and those in the pre-50 age can keep the sexual prowess of men up to five years younger than these people.

10. Something more

You can use your phone for something more than the social media.

In various applications, you may collect your kilometers that traveled for sick and needy children.

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